Cistus – many healing properties and supportive for weight loss

The many good properties of rockrose

Cistus? Is this a new rose, perhaps with a particularly intense fragrance?? Unfortunately no, the cistus has nothing to do with the classical rose.

This is rather a well-known medicinal plant, which is at home in the regions around the Mediterranean Sea.

The cistus has already made a good name for itself in the past. It helps with a variety of diseases and can be an effective aid in losing weight.

Where exactly can the rockrose help and in what form is the medicinal plant actually offered?

Can be drunk as a tea and cistus can help the body rid itself of pests?

The rockrose – Healing and pretty

The cistus is not only effective against a variety of diseases, it is also a real ornament for any garden.

On the Mediterranean, where the plant is at home, it blooms with its pink flowers in many gardens.

The rockrose is an extraordinary plant in every respect.

If it receives too little water, for example, it simply folds in the flowers to protect itself.

In this way, the pretty plant can go for months without water, if need be.

If you want to plant the rockrose in your own garden, you just have to make sure that it gets enough sun and is fertilized between April and June.

It is worth having the medicinal plant in the garden, as it has many positive property.

It is a good choice for colds, it helps the liver in its daily work and is even said to be an effective remedy for the dreaded Lyme disease.

An effective weapon

Lyme disease is not to be trifled with. The disease is transmitted by ticks, which transfer the pathogens to humans when they bite them.

When the Borrelia bacteria have spread in the body, they cause different symptoms.

These typical symptoms include:

  • Very strong pain in the knee joints,
  • a strong urge to urinate,
  • uncontrolled twitching of the calf muscles,
  • an increased muscle tone.

At the same time, even in warm weather, those affected constantly feel cold.

If the symptoms of Lyme disease are not treated quickly and consistently, the disease may take a chronic course.

Cistus in the form of tea is also recommended by doctors. The ingredients of the medicinal plant can kill viruses and bacteria, which also include Borrelia.

But the rockrose can do even more, because it is a great support and help for the immune system.

The active ingredients mobilize the immune system and the so-called polyphenol, which is found in the rockrose, ensures that the toxic substances leave the body again.

This is how effective cistus tea is for infections of all kinds

The resin of the cistus is used to make a tea, which is an effective weapon not only against Lyme disease. Cistus tea is effective for flu-like infections as well as for skin diseases.

Even neurodermatitis can be treated with the tea externally as well as internally. Parents are often helpless, especially when children suffer from neurodermatitis.

Many reject the known remedies from the pharmacy and rely on alternative remedies such as the rockrose.

In the case of small children, it can help to dab the affected areas of the skin with tea made from rockrose in order to relieve the often excruciating itching.

The tea is an equally good choice when it comes to flu-like infections. A cold is not dangerous, but it is unpleasant and annoying in any case.

Cough, cold, sore throat and fever are the normal side effects of a flu-like infection, which can be easily and yet effectively combated with Cistus tea.

In the evening before going to bed, drink a cup of the tea, sweetened with a spoonful of honey, in small sips and then off to bed.

The active substances make the organism sweat and the cold is practically sweated out.

free radicals have no chance

That the body ages is normal and this process can not be stopped, but delayed. With the help of cistus, the cells of the body can be optimally protected, especially against dangerous free radicals.

They know only one goal: the destruction of the body cells to then settle there.

Once a cell is destroyed, the free radicals can mutate, which in the worst case can lead to cancer.

The active ingredients in the rockrose ensure that it does not even come so far, as they protect the cells and destroy and destroy the free radicals.


Although the tea from the rockrose tastes very tart and intense, it helps the body in many ways.

The ingredients of the medicinal plant are a proven team to fight infections and take on Lyme disease.

For skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, rockrose is an effective remedy and as a scavenger of the free radicals that cause the skin to age faster, the pretty plant from the Mediterranean region has made a good name for itself.

If the taste is too harsh for you, you can mix the tea from cistus with other healing teas. Ginger and chamomile are particularly suitable for this purpose.