Schuessler salts – interesting facts and facts about the popular salts

Things to know about Schüssler salts

The idea of Schüssler salts is based on the knowledge that many diseases are due to an imbalance of the human mineral balance. If mineral salts are taken up in concentrated form, they often do not find the way into the appropriate cells.

Therefore took over Dr. Schüssler once the basic idea of potentizing substances from the field of homeopathy. Because strongly diluted the salts can better find their way into the individual cells.

In Switzerland, Austria and Germany Schüssler salts are available without a prescription, but they are only available in pharmacies. Accordingly, they can be ordered or purchased only in pharmacies. In supermarkets and drugstores they are not available.

High quality can be guaranteed due to the pharmacy obligation. This is particularly important with regard to production. Because Schüssler salts are produced according to the specifications of the HAB (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia).

The salts can be purchased both in a local pharmacy and in an online pharmacy on the Internet. The purchase in the local pharmacy offers the advantage that here at the same time a personal consultation can be taken up.

Online pharmacies can often offer their products at a lower price. There are no differences in quality, but there are small differences in consistency, since the Schüssler products are manufactured by different companies.

Gluten and globules

People with gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance should always be well informed about which Schuessler salts are suitable for them. Because here there are also differences.

One manufacturer uses gluten-free additives for the production of the salts, the other wheat starch with corresponding traces. This point is especially important for people with gluten intolerance, also called sprue or celiac disease. For the majority of the population, however, this is irrelevant.

More and more people also suffer from lactose intolerance (milk sugar). This group of people should use globules (scattered globules) or drops instead of Schüssler tablets. However, these products are offered by only a few manufacturers.

Schuessler salts – versatile and without side effects

Schüssler salts are becoming more and more popular. There is a good reason for this, as they enable patients to treat many health problems on their own. In addition, the salts are gentle in their effect and without side effects.

Even strong chronic diseases can be treated well with Schüssler salts, always in addition to conventional medicine. The complementary treatment with Schuessler salts is also so valuable because it is very compatible with other treatment methods.