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What does it mean to be a doctor under agreement with Mission Sante?

A doctor under contract: what is he or she supposed to do? What does this mean? ? Many people still do not understand the concept of a contracted doctor. However, it is important to understand the difference between a contracted doctor and an uncontracted doctor in order to benefit from better insurance coverage.

Fennel seeds Properties benefits and medicinal uses

Fennel seeds: properties, benefits and medicinal uses THE fennel seeds are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. They are a powerful anti-inflammatory, are a fiber mine for your digestion … Here is an aromatic plant that will quickly become your healthy ally ! In infusion or on a salad, discover all the benefits of fennel seeds …

Castor oil everything you need to know to enjoy its benefits

Castor oil: everything you need to know to enjoy your benefits I’castor oil is a natural beauty secret that seduces thousands of women every day around the world. To enjoy its countless benefits, it is necessary to make the best of choices. We invite you to consult this mini-guide D’purchase to find out a little …

Eucalyptus beneficial properties, uses and contraindications

Eucalyptus: beneficial properties, uses and contraindications I’Eucalyptus is a plant with many beneficial and healing properties: its leaves and essential oil are excellent for treating winter affections, such as cough and colds, and to relieve muscle and joint pain. He is also excellent against L’acne and oily hair. Here is all its properties !