Determine wild plants and medicinal plants – Small guide for on the way

Identify wild and medicinal plants for the road

Determining wild plants and medicinal plants should soon no longer be an unsolvable task for you! The small practical guide for on the way helps you with the discovery of over fifty wild and welfare plants in Germany.

This identification book fits in every pocket and is therefore an ideal companion in nature.

Identify wild plants and medicinal plants

Plants – every plant has its own character, its appearance, its color, its conditions under which it can grow, flourish and blossom. We encounter these small or even larger personalities day in and day out.

Often we blindly run past them or step on them. Plants are divided into many different categories.

wild plants can therefore mostly be found wild in nature. They are rarely cultivated, because they can often really spread and enjoy their freedom in the untouched forests, waysides, but also on wild meadows.

Each plant has its own chemical substances. Some of them work so well on special diseases of us humans that they are called medicinal plants.

Mother Nature has now arranged that the wild plants and medicinal plants have also received similar-looking siblings. Some of them have on us a very poisonous effect.

Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, “I’ll go out into nature and gather what I need there”! To be able to do exactly that, however, you need a specially acquired knowledge. It is like with the mushrooms, with luck you catch the right ones.

But luck, you should not rely on this, but rather look closely at what is blooming on the side of the road, growing in the garden or even hanging on a bush.

The newly created practical guide for on the road makes it easy for you to make your decision on the spot. So you can not only identify the wild plants and medicinal plants, but you also see right in the book, which parts of the plant can be used and what can be made from it.

Many a collected weed becomes a delicacy in the evening or a tincture against a special disease. For example, learn to recognize and distinguish the wild mallow and at the same time learn its use in tea or as oil.

From the wild and welfare plant can be manufactured editions and compresses and that it is used in full baths or even foot baths. Learn that wild mallow is good in salads, soups, and even as a vegetable in the kitchen.

These findings are achieved on the spot, when the plant is in front of you and you determine it by means of a description and a great large color photo. Read about possible confusions with similar looking plants.

Looking for a specific wild and medicinal plant to gather?

With each individual description you will also find the respective collection times of flowers, leaves or even roots. Thus you recognize in nu whether they have straight the suitable time for collecting.

Some of the wild and medicinal plants are under nature protection. With some it is only certain parts that may not be picked or dug up.

Once you have found the wild mallow, look it up in the identification book and discover that it has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, wound-healing, pain-relieving, expectorant, diuretic and even calming effects on our body.

Thus, their use is possible for colds and digestive problems, for example, but also for nervousness, stress and even headaches.

The practical guide for on the way

As you can see, this small practical guide for on the road brings an enormously versatile knowledge with it. It’s small and light, practical and well suited for beginners and advanced nature lovers alike.

Full-page photos and profiles of the more than 50 most important German wild and medicinal plants provide information on:

❖ confusions with other plants,
❖ plant parts used and collection times,
❖ Uses as tea, poultices and more,
❖ general modes of action and treatment options for specific diseases.

Come, I invite you on a conscious discovery tour through the wonderful nature of Mother Earth.

Determine wild plants and medicinal plants - The small practical guide for on the road

Identifying wild and medicinal plants
The little practical guide for on the road