Why a nursing pillow can also promote healthy sleep later on

Why a breastfeeding pillow can also promote healthy sleep later on

A breastfeeding pillow is not only a wonderful sleeping aid during pregnancy, but also perfect for a healthy sleep after breastfeeding. Those who repeatedly have problems sleeping and struggle with pain should definitely continue to use the breastfeeding pillow.

What is a nursing pillow?

Well on each List for the first equipment it stands: the breastfeeding pillow. As the name suggests, it is used while breastfeeding. But the name is deceptive: Even during pregnancy, the nursing pillow offers wonderful support for sleeping and sitting.

But even after breastfeeding, its effect on healthy sleep is underestimated.

At some point in every pregnancy, there comes a time when sleeping becomes problematic. Usually it is around the 6.-7. Pregnancy month around, where the belly is getting bigger, the baby’s movements are clearly noticeable and also the weight becomes a burden at night.

Pregnant women cannot sleep on their backs, nor can they rest well on their sides. The solution for many pregnant women lies in the purchase of a nursing pillow.

If the big belly does not let you sleep, then the breastfeeding pillow comes as a sleep aid for expectant moms as called: It stabilizes and offers more support, so that you can sleep well and peacefully.

If you are now wondering what characteristics a good nursing pillow should have and pay attention to biological fillers, you will find under stillkissen-bezug.en all information about the pillows.

The nursing pillow is especially important during the breastfeeding period. Back and arms are relieved – because even if a newborn baby brings only scarcely 3.5 kilograms on the balance, then also these make themselves after some time noticeable.

Added up here are some hours that mothers spend breastfeeding. A newborn baby drinks about every 2-3 hours and needs a good 45 minutes per breastfeeding (of course, these times vary from baby to baby and the older a baby gets, the faster it drinks – but the heavier it gets).

For example, it is mainly breastfeeding mothers who complain of back pain due to a poor sitting position or who have pain in their arm because it has to support the baby while breastfeeding.

Often these strains come from awkward breastfeeding positions on the couch or on the floor – but who has to care for several children, sometimes have to compromise. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a nursing pillow as often as possible when breastfeeding.

Even during the breastfeeding period, the nursing pillow can as a positioning pillow for the baby or used as a nest in the crib – so it has many more functions! But at some point the baby grows bigger, it no longer breastfeeds and has outgrown the nursing pillow.

In most families, the breastfeeding pillow has then become obsolete and is stored away in the basement with the other purchases from the initial equipment or sold at the flea market. There seems to be no more use for the nursing pillow.

However, one essential function is often overlooked: Nursing pillows can also promote healthy sleep later on. Like? By relieving the spine.

Healthy sleep with a nursing pillow

Fresh air, a good mattress, a comforter that’s not too thick – all this is important for a healthy sleep. And yet many people sleep poorly, not least because of back pain that occurs at night. Triggered by an incorrect lying position, which can be easily compensated with an elongated breastfeeding pillow.

In this case, the nursing pillow works like a side sleeper pillow, which can significantly improve the quality of sleep. Such a pillow has the advantage that it relieves back and neck and thus supports a pain-free sleep.

Advantages of a side sleeper pillow

About 60% of all people are side sleepers – no wonder, because who sleeps on the back, often comes into a hollow back and that hurts. The result is tense muscles, especially in the lower back, which often make you roll from one side to the other.

What helps then is a side sleeper pillow. These are offered from cheap to expensive on the Internet for purchase. If you already have a nursing pillow at home, you already have everything you need.

And the best part: You do not need to buy a special pillow for it, if you still have a nursing pillow at home. Mostly breastfeeding pillows have a sufficient length and size.

These are filled with the perfect material, which simply adapts to your body and nestles – whether virgin wool, spelt husk or polyester fibers is a personal preference.

Because you can also use this for side sleeping: As a side sleeper pillow, the nursing pillow is sandwiched between your legs while you sleep and you slide it up under your belly to your head.

This allows you to release weight, relieve your legs and also takes weight off your back. The Advantages of a side sleeper pillow speak clearly for the purchase:

– breathing is improved by the side sleeping position,
– sleeping on the left side helps with heartburn or stomach problems by improving acid reflux,
– the pillow provides support, which allows the muscles to relax,
– the sleeping posture is straight and not crooked,
– the spine is relieved, as the posture automatically becomes upright due to the embrace of the pillow,
– the lumbar vertebrae are not twisted, so the lower back feels less pressure,
– the cervical spine does not bend in the side position, but remains straight,
– Over-tensioning of the head is prevented, which reduces headaches and neck pain.

A nursing pillow is not only an indispensable companion during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is an investment for a good night’s sleep. As a side sleeper pillow is best suited to relieve your spine and thus enable a healthy sleep.

So if you already have a nursing pillow at home, don’t buy a special side sleeper pillow, but get the nursing pillow back in your bed. For pleasant dreams and peaceful nights without back pain.