How to straighten malocclusions

How can malocclusions be straightened?

Many people do not dare to smile heartily. Misaligned teeth and crooked teeth promote a smile with a closed mouth.

Self-confidence drops and the freedom to smile evaporates. Often other people envy their beautiful smile.

However, straight teeth do not have to remain a dream.

Where is the best place to treat misaligned teeth?

Treatment by an orthodontist can help to achieve beautiful teeth and bring back the freedom for a hearty laugh.

Even in children, it is important to straighten the misaligned teeth.

The straightening is called orthodontics. The permanent teeth have erupted and must be firmly anchored in the jaws. Then a straightening can begin.

The benefits of an orthodontist and how misaligned teeth can be straightened are explained below.

What are the advantages of an orthodontist??

Aesthetics: Many people suffer from crooked teeth and do not dare to speak or laugh. Often laughing with their mouths closed or talking with their hands in front of their mouths.

These people suffer greatly and self-confidence drops. With a beautiful smile, self-confidence can return.

By their teens at the latest, teenagers notice these differences and begin to feel embarrassed.

  • Speech: Speech can sound unclean due to misaligned teeth.
  • Nutrition: Tooth malocclusions can prevent adequate food intake. A good dentition favors an easier grinding of food. Chewing is better and digestion is easier.
  • Relief of the jaw joints: Orthodontic treatment relieves the jaw joints. A well-known jaw malposition is the crossbite.
  • Facilitation of dental care: crooked teeth usually cannot be adequately cared for, as they cannot be brushed everywhere. Straight teeth make brushing easier. A longer preservation of the teeth is probable.
  • Relieve teeth: Teeth that are crooked or have rotated often put a strain on each other. Wear and loosening of the teeth occurs due to the incorrect loading.
  • Reducing the risk of trauma: incisors that protrude a lot are at risk in case of an accident. The front teeth can easily break off in an accident.
  • Avoid mouth breathing: Misaligned teeth often lead to mouth breathing while sleeping. This in turn leads to dry mouth. A dry mouth with little saliva promotes tooth decay.

What are the options for straightening misaligned and crooked teeth?

There are several methods to straighten teeth. It depends on the individual situation of the chewing apparatus. The orthodontist knows best and creates a therapy plan.

Common methods for straightening are:

  • Fixed braces: this medical device remains on the teeth until the end of treatment. Teeth are straightened with brackets and wire.
  • A loose brace: The loose brace can be inserted and removed independently.
  • An external archwire: An external archwire has a metal bow that is worn in the mouth. This is connected to a band via elastic bands. The facial arch is supported at the neck and head. The face mask on the forehead and chin and the head-chin cap on the back of the head and chin.

Not only children and adolescents benefit from orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is often associated with children and adolescents. But adults can also be treated and benefit from the advantages.

The shyness to go to the orthodontist in adulthood is disappearing more and more. Many orthodontic practices specialize in adults.