Superfood – Which miracle berries are suitable for weight loss

Lose weight with superfoods?

SuperFood is at the moment in all mouth: They are supposed to make healthy, strengthen the immune system and help to lose weight.

We present three of the best-known superfoods. But which of the miracle berries is the best to get rid of pesky pounds?

Superfood psyllium – the Indian super plant

Psyllium seeds have been used for centuries in the Indian healing art of Ayurveda. But the seeds of the plantain plant have nothing to do with fleas.

The name comes only from the flea-like appearance of the small, brown seeds. In stores, psyllium is found either as whole seeds or as light-colored psyllium husks.

The plant of the genus Plantain, also called Plantago, is mainly cultivated in India and Pakistan.

Many people in this region use psyllium mainly to regulate intestinal activity – in this country, the small seed is also used for weight loss. They consist mainly of indigestible carbohydrates.

How do psyllium seeds affect the body??

Psyllium contains carbohydrates as well as mucilage. Thus, the dark brown seeds manage to store fifty times their own weight in water.

They are therefore used in medicine as stool softeners – the swelling capacity of the seeds helps not only to soften the stool, but also increases the intestinal contents and promotes the movement of the intestine through the mucous substances.

Psyllium seeds are also completely gluten-free, and therefore suitable for anyone with celiac disease. First studies show besides that the Indian plant affects positively the Cholesterinspiegel.

For this, however, the seeds must be taken over a longer period of time.

How psyllium helps to lose weight?

Psyllium stores fifty times its own weight, swells and thus becomes slightly mucilaginous, similar to linseed. They are thus perfect for losing weight, because they swell up in the stomach and cause a feeling of fullness there.

They do not attack the stomach lining and are also great for intestinal health. The principle of the psyllium diet thus lies in the illusion of no longer being hungry.

The result: You automatically eat less. Super suitable for all who like to eat a second serving or do not feel satiated by a regular serving.

The effect for the intestine sets itself by the way only after 2-3 days – so long one should have patience.

The usual daily dose is 10-40 grams of psyllium. You can eat them raw, for example. B. Nibble or sprinkle on cereal or yogurt.

However, it is also possible to let them swell up beforehand, z. B. in a glass of water and then drink.

Superfood Acai berry – the miracle berry of the Amazon

Acai berries are said to not only help you lose weight, but also fight wrinkles and even cancer at the same time. The acai berry grows on a type of palm tree in South America, also called cabbage palm in German.

In addition to the palm hearts, this palm tree also provides acai berries, which grow in small clusters on the palm tree. The taste of the Acai berry is described by many as earthy to nutty.

In Brazil, the pulp of the berries mixed with water is sold as a drink that is supposed to keep you full and energized for a long time.

In Germany, the fruit is only available as juice, powder or in tablet form – the fruit would not survive shipping to Europe, which is why it must first be processed.

How do acai berries affect the body?

Acai berries have been known as a superfood in South America for centuries. The fruit was eaten for example before long walks to suppress hunger.

In the western world it was the American presenter Oprah Winfrey who drew the public’s attention to the acai berry and thus triggered a veritable hype.

The berry is rich in the secondary plant substance anthocyanins. These extremely potent antixidants are known as radical scavengers. They also promote cell renewal.

This is where the reputation of the acai berry as a wrinkle killer comes from. And while the claims about powerful antioxidants are completely true, the acai berry cannot reverse the aging process – but it can probably slow it down.

The secondary plant substance anthocyanins also supports blood circulation and currently plays a major role in cancer research. However, conclusive results are not yet available.

How do acai berries help you lose weight?

Compared to other berries, the acai berry contains z. B. Blueberries quite a lot of energy.

Although this fact should actually stand in the way of losing weight, the acai berry is still popular as a super diet food. Because the energy of the berry makes those who want to lose weight feel fuller longer.

Experiences also speak of improved condition and more energy. And if one comes with more energy better over the day, this helps a diet immensely.

The berry is also said to relieve hunger pangs and reduce cravings for sweets. A perfect aid to losing weight.

Superfood Goji berry – the Chinese lucky berry

The goji berry, also called Chinese wolfberry or in German Gemeiner Bocksdorn, is a real vitamin bomb: it provides not only particularly high vitamin C, but also vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E.

In addition, it has a better iron value than spinach: between 7 mg and 9 mg per 100 grams. Trace elements, antioxidants and secondary plant substances round off the super berry.

Goji berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese cuisine for centuries.

Superfood goji berry

Unfounded scaremongering

Again and again one finds reports that Goji berries „toxic“ or „harmful“ are. These reports are often linked to the reference to pesticides – to then sell berries from „organic cultivation“.

Also the reference to toxins in the plant are misleading: The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment rates goji berries with „no evidence of adverse effects“ – because the substances are much too low doses.

After all, we all eat almonds, even though they contain prussic acid.

How do goji berries affect the body?

The goji berry is often called lucky berry – this is due to the solid mix of vitamins and minerals.

In China, the goji berry is used, among other things, to increase the yin – fight with the goji berry fatigue, exhaustion or colds.

Even an elevated blood sugar level and increased blood pressure should be able to fight with the goji berry.

Scientists are currently paying special attention to the ingredients zeaxanthin and lutein – they have a strong antioxidant effect, have a positive effect on glaucoma and strengthen the immune system.

How do goji berries help you lose weight?

Goji berries have no direct effect on the feeling of hunger, such as z. B. the acai berry. Their support in losing weight lies on the one hand in the high vitamin C content, which boosts the metabolism, and the supply of a comprehensive mix of nutrients.

You feel fitter, healthier and more energetic. Performance lows and the associated frustration no longer occur so often. More information about goji berries.

Our conclusion – Every superfood is suitable for losing weight

The bottom line is that none of the superfoods can be called the „best“. First basic rule for a reduction of body weight is always a balanced diet and above all will.

Superfoods such as psyllium and the acai berry can be quite helpful – they suppress the feeling of hunger and reduce food cravings.

The goji berry is rather a silent supporter – super suitable for those who want to support their diet with many vitamins and minerals.

It is best to use a balanced mix – some psyllium on the muesli in the morning, a smoothie with acai berry at noon and a salad with goji berries in the evening. Thus one goes well supplied into each DiƤt.