Roemheld syndrome – Experiences of Roemheld patients

Roemheld syndrome experiences

This disease was named after its discoverer Dr. Ludwig von Roemheld and describes a variety of complaints under the term Roemheld syndrome. These affect the chest and heart area, but originate in the gastrointestinal tract.

By accumulating a lot of air in the abdomen, the diaphragm is compressed and presses on the heart. Shortness of breath and heart problems are the most common symptoms.

This is gas accumulation in the stomach area that causes pain and tightness in the chest. Heartburn and similar symptoms occur, usually behind the breastbone.

This pain can also radiate into the left arm. Treatment of Roemheld syndrome is possible. It is possible to live very well with this disease if strict dietary rules are followed.

Roemheld syndrome – experiences of Roemheld patients

Many patients have a long way to go before they are diagnosed with Roemheld syndrome. They complain of various symptoms and can not always explain where this suffering comes from.

Panic attacks are also diagnosed. Roemheld syndrome can cause panic attacks, but this is just a symptom.

The patients have to undergo many examinations. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Various blood tests and MRI examinations.

Until the diagnosis is established. Since patients often have pain and discomfort when lying down, the examination itself is often a pain as well.

A good gastroenterologist can ease patients’ anxiety and make the exam as comfortable as possible. This is also a decisive factor for the majority of patients*.

A good treatment often takes away the fear of follow-up examinations, everyone agrees on that.

What to do when there is too much air in the stomach?

Here it depends on the nutrition. Foods that are known to cause gas should be avoided in this condition. If you do eat such foods, home remedies such as caraway or chamomile tea can help.

The discomfort is initiated by food, but in the body the process begins to move the diaphragm, causing pain and the pressure spreads to the heart.

Food intolerances can also play a role. Listed here are some foods that are good for too much air in the stomach.

Foods that can help:

  • Caraway (tea or spice),
  • Chamomile (tea or tincture with water),
  • Herbal tinctures in general (also as tea),
  • low acid food,
  • Psyllium husks.

foods that are unfavorable:

  • fatty foods,
  • spicy foods,
  • Whole grain,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • some types of cabbage.

Eating slowly also aids in digestion and that there is less bloating. A healthy sleep and many rest phases are also helpful.

Shortness of breath due to bloated stomach

Shortness of breath often occurs in patients. The diaphragm shifts due to gastrointestinal discomfort and constricts the lungs as well as the heart, not often a heart attack is a suspected diagnosis.

In this situation, the only thing that helps is to stay calm and possibly take medication for air in the stomach. Wait and see is the most common option for Roemheld patients.

Breathlessness can under certain circumstances also lead to circulatory problems or trigger panic attacks. Sufferers should know this, so that mental training can prevent exactly this from happening.

Breathing exercises can be useful to train calmness. Even if it is extremely difficult in this situation, calm breathing is crucial.

But the most successful method to prevent air in the stomach is a change in diet. Only certain foods help to alleviate the symptoms. Those who strictly adhere to it will be able to live well with this condition.

High blood pressure and air in the stomach

There is no clear diagnosis between high blood pressure and Roemheld’s syndrome, but if there is too much air in the stomach, the syndrome can be aggravated.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is already a serious disease and must be constantly controlled. Therefore, it may well be that one disease negatively favors the other.

Also the chemical processes in the body are very stressful and the high blood pressure already provides in the body for disturbed processes.

If in addition too much air is in the belly and presses on the diaphragm, the heart is doubly loaded. Without treatment of both diseases, it can permanently damage the heart.

Against hypertension help tablets, which are prescribed by the doctor. Against symptoms of the Roemheld syndrome herbal medicines can help and above all a nourishing change.

No cure but relief

Who suffers from the Roemheld syndrome will experience no healing, only a relief, if one orients itself at nourishing pieces of advice. First of all, dietary intolerances and food allergies should be ruled out.

Exact examinations by the physician should take place, so that there are for example no interactions with medicines.

A diet plan and a balanced lifestyle can greatly alleviate symptoms and allow you to live almost symptom-free. Only a few adjustments are necessary to get used to the new way of life.

No late eating, proper chewing of the food and the renunciation of flatulent food is usually already sufficient. Who exercises in addition still easy sporty activities, is on the correct way.