Ginger juice – use and application of cold-pressed Ginger Juice

Cold-pressed Ginger Juice ginger juice

The Ginger Juice Company specializes in the production and distribution of directly pressed ginger juice in organic quality. It is a small but fine company from Rastatt, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany.

The special thing about it is that Ginger Juice is available in different varieties, respectively. offered by a number of different sources. While ginger juice from Chinese ginger is characterized by its mild pungency and delicate aroma, that from Peruvian ginger has a strong pungency, an intense yellow color and a pronounced lemony aroma.

But also our ginger juice from Uganda ginger by its balanced sharpness and a full-bodied, intense ginger aroma can convince – perfect bspw. for Moscow Mule!

Ginger Juice ginger juice – use and application

The juices can be used as tea, in juice or smoothie, in alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, in fruit salad, to flavor hot and cold dishes with pinpoint accuracy, for marinades or sauces, or or or.

There are no limits to creativity with Ginger Juice.

Ingredients of Ginger Juice ginger juice

All ginger juices are characterized by the very high ginger content of 98% (!) from. Only tartaric acid and acerola are added to the juices in order to improve shelf life and oxidation behavior in a natural way.

Other ingredients, such as sugar or alcohols are of course NOT added to the juices.

Cold-pressed gentle processing

All ginger is washed and processed by the employees of the Ginger Juice Company themselves. The pressing then takes place in the mechanical cold pressing process under vacuum.

This is a gentle procedure which only very few juice manufacturers use so far. The juices are then pasteurized only briefly and bottled immediately.

Order possibility

Ginger Juice ginger juices are available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and for all “heavy users” in 750ml glass bottles. As well as a gift set with all three varieties in the 100ml jewelry bottle.

Individual solutions are offered for the gastronomy sector as well as for the beverage industry. Here the Ginger Juice Company already supplies Ginger Juice ginger juice as an ingredient for lemonades, smoothies or tonics in corresponding container sizes to various manufacturers.