Cistus (Cistus incanus) – old medicinal plant, newly discovered

Wonder plant cistus (Cistus incanus)

The cistus (Cistus incanus) was already mentioned in writing in the 4th century is rediscovered in more recent times as the medicinal plant. It belongs therefore also to the biblical plants. It is said that the three kings from the east brought myrrh as a votive offering next to gold and frankincense in the stable in Bethlehem and that labdanum was the resin of the cistus.

Growing areas – Greece, Turkey, Mediterranean Sea.

But recent studies have brought to light much more. According to the LEFO Institute (Institute for Food and Environmental Research), cistus is the most polyphenol-rich medicinal plant. Polyphenols, especially OPC, have been the talk of the town lately.

Sometimes referred to as vitamin P, these can z.B. increase the effect of vitamin C 10 times and regenerate vitamin E. Extraordinary is especially the effect as an antioxidant, which can be 18-20 x as strong as vitamin C and 40-50 x as strong as vitamin E.

Active substances of the cistus

The cistus contains the active substance POLYHENOLE – VITAMIN P, Polyphenols are also secondary plant substances. These serve the plant as bioactive substances in the form of dyes, flavors and tannins, the plant tannins.

Pholyphenols form within the secondary plant substances again a separate group, in which quite different substances with various funtkionen are summarized. Scientists soon realized that polyphenols are of outstanding importance for human health.

The spectrum of polyphenols can provide comprehensive protection:

  • possess anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and vasodilating properties,
  • are effective antioxidants,
  • can inhibit the formation of cancer

In fact, the rockrose is the plant richest in pholyphenols in Europe.

spectrum of action of cistus?

  • can have detoxifying and anti-allergic effects,
  • is an extremely effective radical scavenger due to its antioxidant effect,
  • can have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects,
  • can inhibit inflammation and have a disinfecting effect,
  • can have immunostrengthening effect.

Thus, the cistus can be used for a wide variety of diseases (z.B. in case of flu, viral diseases) include.

The cistus is thus an ancient medicinal plant from the Mediterranean, which can have amazing powers in the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.

Possible uses

Cistus can be used with great success for various diseases, even apparently incurable ones.

Why? As it cannot weaken the self-healing powers like an antibiotic, but it can have a strengthening effect. With its cell-protecting function, viruses and bacteria can no longer dock to the cells and can prevent them from multiplying.

The cistus can:

  • have an antimicrobial effect,
  • Bind heavy metals,
  • strengthen the immune system,
  • cleanse arteries and veins (deposits),
  • activate the metabolism,
  • fight against flu viruses,
  • be used in chronic intestinal inflammation,
  • be used in case of oxidative stress caused by environmental pollution,
  • remove deposits of drug residues,
  • used for nerodermitis, acne, herpes, apthae, HIV, hemorrhoids, caries and periodontosis, tonsillitis, fungal diseases and Lyme disease,
  • antiviral and antibacterial – can also be used as preventive protection,
  • can have a detoxifying effect, protect against heart attacks and prevent the skin from aging processes.

Recommendations for use

At Cold Sores the affected area with Cistus drops 10 ml apply, repeat after 1 minute.

As preventive protection (immunostrengthening) 2-3 times a day can Cistus drops 50 ml or Cistus extract 100 ml come to the application.

For the skin, in case of neurodermatitis, acne and eczema can externally on affected and well cleaned areas, Cistus hemp seed oil 250ml, Cistus extract nature 100ml (please note when ordering!) or alternatively a Cistus Tea Edition to the application come.

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