Winter smoothies – smoothie recipes for the cold season

Winter smoothies for the cold season

The vitamin and energy dispensers for body, mind and soul with the fresh ingredients accompany throughout the year. With the recipe developed by nutrition expert Dr. Barbara Rias-Bucher published compact guide „Winter smoothies“ it is now the turn of the warming, Christmas, vegan and vitamin-rich recipes, which sweeten especially the cold season.

Winter smoothies – Healthy enjoyment at any time of year

Who does not know the fresh summer drinks, which are simple and fast to prepare and conjure the concentrated energy from fruit and vegetables in the glass? In their compact guide „Smoothies for body, mind and soul“ presented the well-known health and nutrition expert Dr. Barbara Rias-Bucher already 51 recipes as well as tips for the fine mixed drinks before.

Now sweeten „Winter smoothies“ with typical scents and flavors also the cold season and give even the Christmas feast weeks the healthy kick.

They supply the organism with the necessary vitamins and nutrients and supply the liquid quantity so important straight with dry heating air.

Freshness and liquid

The German Society for Nutrition recommends eating at least three portions of vegetables and two portions of fruit daily. The recommendation is based on studies according to which this amount of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of various diseases.

Because vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals play an essential role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, intestinal diseases and obesity.

So with a glass of smoothie at least one portion of healthy is consumed – and the preparation is very simple: you only need a powerful blender; who likes it „more professional“ can buy a special smoothie maker.

Fruits and vegetables are only coarsely chopped, untreated fruits and most vegetables must be washed only thoroughly, but not peeled – with many plants the ballast and mineral materials sit namely directly under the skin. Because they are best utilized in finely crushed form, smoothies are so digestible.

In addition, the healthy drinks support a sufficient fluid intake: most people – especially children and seniors – do not drink enough, although especially in heated rooms the respiratory tract need plenty of fluids. Here clear water is suitable as an ingredient excellent, and fruit juices provide in the winter for variety in taste.

Yogurt, buttermilk and soured milk make the smoothie more nutritious, providing calcium for healthy bones and lactic acid bacteria for good digestion. Vegans use coconut and soy products instead.

Winter cure and Christmas special

For peace and relaxation in the winter the nourishing expert recommends so-called „Smoothie weekends“, which can be accomplished as three-Tages-Kuren of Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

The time should be used for sleeping, lounging, reading and listening to music, but also exercise – not less than one hour daily – is important.

In the center of the cure however the Smoothies, of which per day at least four are drunk, are located. The choice is a matter of taste: if you prefer something light in the morning, drink a vegan smoothie.

Proper „breakfasters“ take a strong drink, at lunchtime it’s the turn of the vitamin-rich and after the winter walk a warming. In the evening and in between, you can z. B. in each case a Smoothie from the chapters „Vitaminreich“ or „Weihnachtlich“ select.

The latter, by the way, go perfectly with all the usual winter treats: fruit bread and stollen, of course, the colorful plate of cookies, the bowl of confectionery and lavish Christmas cake. But also to smoked salmon rolls, sandwiches and cutlets.

Some of the smoothies in the Christmas special can even be quickly transformed into a dessert by putting them on ice cream, a slice of honey cake, some crumbled macaroons or fruit salad with winter fruits.

Winter smoothies.

Compact guidebook. Healthy enjoyment in the cold season. With the best Christmas smoothies.
Mankau Publishing House 2014, 1. Aufl. October 2014, softcover, color throughout, 11.5 x 16.5 cm, 127 pages, 7.99 euros (D) / 8.20 euros (A),
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