Waterbeds and their advantages for health and well-being

Waterbeds and their health benefits

Waterbeds are a real blessing for allergy sufferers, have a positive influence on the basic quality of sleep and have a preventive effect on back problems. Thus this bed system can convince by various advantages for the health.

It is therefore hardly surprising that in the past waterbeds were used primarily in the field of medicine.

By which advantages those, which decide to buy for example a waterbed 180×200, in detail profit, explains the following contribution.

Medical product waterbed

In the private sector, the triumph of waterbeds began in the 1970s. However, the water mattresses have been known for much longer. Their origin lies in the field of medicine.

Waterbeds were developed as early as the 1930s to prevent patients from getting bedsores.

The positive effect could be achieved, because during the sleep on the waterbed no unpleasant pressure points arise. Modern waterbeds are still distinguished by this advantage today.

Although waterbeds are no longer only used in the medical field, they have not lost any of their health benefits.

Waterbeds for back pain

For people who suffer from back pain, a water mattress is particularly recommended, as the development of pressure points is avoided.

The mattress automatically adapts to the individual body shape of the sleeper. The reason for this is the natural water displacement.

Thus neck and back problems are effectively alleviated and muscle tension is prevented during the night. The risk of inflammation of the joints decreases massively.

Besides, the sleep on the waterbed also counteracts the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. Pain patients report in such a way that their sufferings could be strongly reduced by the bed system.

Higher quality of sleep on water mattresses

In general, the night on a water mattress is much more pleasant, because the quality of sleep also benefits.

Since there are no pressure points, a uniform circulation of the blood is possible. Thus, a constant change of sleeping position at night is no longer necessary.

The sleeper experiences a prolonged deep sleep phase, which is extremely important for the regeneration of body and mind.

In addition, hormones are released during this sleep phase, which strengthen the immune system. Thus, waterbed owners always wake up refreshed and revitalized.

Soothing warmth thanks to integrated heating

In the waterbeds can be found an integrated heating system. This prevents the water in the mattress from cooling down during the night.

In this way, it is ensured that the sleeper does not wake up during the night because he may be cold.

This also has the consequence that the susceptibility to infections decreases and the immune system is less strained.

In addition, joint pain and muscle tension are relieved by the heat.

Waterbeds are ideal for allergy sufferers

As a sleeping solution for allergy sufferers, waterbeds are particularly popular. The reason for this is that in the area of water mattresses there is no risk of excessive spread of house dust mites.

Conventional mattresses can be easily penetrated by mites – this is not possible with water mattresses due to the thick layer of vinyl.

If a special cover for allergy sufferers is also used, those affected experience a significant improvement in the symptoms of their allergy.

In addition, the integrated heating system allows moisture to escape quickly.

The formation of mold is thus effectively counteracted. Also mold allergy sufferers can profit so substantially from a water bed.