Dental care – your dentist will help you professionally with your dental hygiene

Your dentist will help you with your professional dental care

Proper brushing is the be-all and end-all for keeping teeth healthy. And with the right tips about proper dental care you will learn how to brush your teeth best. Your dentist will give you comprehensive advice on which brushes, utensils, oral irrigators and toothpaste are best for you. This is how you manage to keep your teeth perfectly clean all the time. Just trust your dentist in Munich.

What belongs to the right dental care?

The perfect dental care includes the checks at the dentist, who can also clean your teeth professionally. This will completely remove all residue. In addition, daily care of teeth is important to keep your teeth healthy. The teeth should be carefully brushed several times a day. It is recommended to brush the teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. It is also better to brush your teeth after meals to prevent bacteria from settling in your mouth.

With regard to the length of brushing times, general recommendations apply, so that the average brushing time is limited to about three minutes. The chewing surfaces should be cleaned. The outer and inner sides of the teeth should also be brushed. And to reach interdental spaces, interdental toothbrushes and also dental floss are important and useful.

And if you are not sure whether you have reached all the important areas when brushing with the appropriate brushing technique, you can check this by means of a staining tablet. It automatically colors all areas that have not yet been sufficiently brushed. Hereby the own cleaning technique can be checked exactly and weak points in the cleaning technique can be eliminated. When brushing, it is also important to always follow the correct direction from red to white, i.e. from the gums to the teeth.

This ensures that the plaque is really cleaned out of the oral cavity and that no particles can collect in the gums and become stuck. It is important for the correct brushing technique that no more pressure is applied than necessary to prevent damage to the gums and necks of the teeth.

What do I need for optimal dental care?

For the cleaning utensils there are also rough recommendations. Thus, the toothbrush should be replaced at regular intervals, so that it can always develop the right effect. If you brush electrically, you should change the brush head regularly. And when choosing the appropriate toothpaste should always pay attention to appropriate fluoridation.