Wild herbs – Why we should use them more often as a superfood!

Why we should use our superfood wild herbs more often!

Wild herbs that grow on our doorstep and have always been used in our culture, fit optimally to the European organism in terms of tolerance, effect and taste.

This is one of the reasons why we mainly work with traditional European herbs and produce these products.

How do these wild herbs work?

In conventional medicine, only individual chemicals can be precisely analyzed in terms of their effect; this is not possible with plants.

Plants contain a variety of substances, there are main active ingredients, side effects that actually then give a complex effect.

That is why medicinal plants will always act on systems in the body and try to rebalance a system in the body that is out of balance, plus at the same time it activates the self-healing forces.

Modern medicines contain only one or a maximum of two active ingredients, which in the body selectively on the Receptors access and develop their effects there. Wild herbs and medicinal plants have a lot of active substances in a symbiosis and work holistically on the body.

Why is it important to activate the self-healing powers instead of destroying the immune system??

Simply because our home immune system is the only natural regulator to our receptors.

Parasites, bacteria, viruses

The evolution has equipped plants with many substances against pathogens and predators therefore plants must constantly redevelop to invent new substances to defend themselves against new enemies so that they do not fall victim to them.

For example, if you take an antibiotic against bacteria, it helps, but we do not fight the causes. If we take an extract from nature in return, we are not only treating a symptom, but we can also already include the cause with the secondary plant substances.

Nature offers us a variety of different wild herbs that not only fight various causes, but also deal with viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances, such as pesticides.

We only have to use these plants. Also here applies: Each body is different and can therefore also react differently to the same herbs. Here it is called, to listen to the own body and try!

Also the pharmaceutical industry discovers and investigates ever more the holistic medicine.

However, these cannot patent a whole plant, so they only use the individual active ingredients.

Researchers wonder whether the healing power of wild herbs lies precisely in the combination of substances in a plant?

In order to make the best use of nature’s treasures, we have specialized in the production of water-based BIO extracts and BIO tinctures. Especially in our extracts we extract the entire symbiosis of the plant with its secondary substances and bring them to light.