Dental care in dogs – Very important and inevitable!

Dental care for dogs – important and indispensable!

Although veterinarians preach to dog owners at every appointment why regular dental care in dogs should not be neglected under any circumstances, only very few dog owners adhere to it. Tooth and denture problems occur with dogs more frequently than one thinks. According to studies, about 80 percent of all four-legged friends under the age of three suffer from dental problems.

However, only very few masters and mistresses are aware of this. Good dental care is not only necessary for us humans, but also for our beloved four-legged friends. In the following lines we would like to inform you in detail about the subject “Dental care for dogs” enlighten.

We will show you which dental problems most dogs have to deal with and at the same time provide you with numerous measures to solve them. So teeth and bite problems in dogs are finally a thing of the past.

Plaque and tartar – The most common dental problems in dogs

As a rule, most dental problems in dogs begin with the formation of dental plaque. This is often referred to as plaque. At a later stage, the unwanted tartar will eventually be added to the list. Plaque is unfortunately hardly visible and is therefore not noticed by most dog owners at all.

This plaque consists mainly of food residues, saliva, mucus and bacteria. Nevertheless, the plaque can be removed extremely easily. More details in the following section. However, if the plaque remains on the teeth for too long, it can turn into plaque within a very short time.

As the name suggests, tartar is particularly hard and often cannot be removed by simple brushing. Gum inflammations, dentition problems and pain are therefore pre-programmed.

Prevention – the optimal dental care for dogs

It is well known that prevention is much better than cure – therefore, regular brushing of teeth is by far the best and also the most effective method for excellent dental care. If this is not possible for you for various reasons, then there are fortunately a variety of effective alternatives.

You can read more about this in the following lines:

Adhesive and tasty toothpaste for dogs

If you should not be able to brush the sensitive teeth of your quadruped actively and regularly, then we arrived here at an excellent alternative. We are talking about a tasty and self-adhesive toothpaste.

This is simply applied to the inside of the cheeks in the oral cavity and then gently massaged in. In this way, not only the harmful plaque is removed, but also the important saliva production is stimulated.

Tooth special food

Of course, there are now also excellent foods for maintaining healthy teeth. The chunks of food are often quite large and have a special structure. This ensures that your dog’s teeth are automatically cleaned during chewing. This cleaning process is completely mechanical.

How? Very simple – the pieces of food do not crumble directly when eating, but rub along the teeth, so to speak. Due to this procedure, the plaque is effectively removed. Likewise, the ingredients of the special food ensure reduced tartar formation.

Dental care chew sticks

So-called dental care chew sticks have also proven their worth, as these can contribute to healthy dental care. This method combines the pleasant with the useful, after all, most four-legged friends are quite wild about the sticks. Particularly noteworthy is that most dental care sticks are also suitable for quadrupeds with food intolerances.

When using dental care chew sticks, however, be sure to pay attention to the weight of your dog, because this is something you should always keep an eye on. A four-legged friend with perfectly healthy teeth and overweight would not be ideal either.

Drinking water and food additives

If you want to fight against the bad breath of your dog or possible bacteria, then you should definitely think about so-called drinking water and food additives. Such supplements can be easily added to your dog’s food or drinking water. The liquid preparations for drinking water often contain the additive chorhexidine. Supplements for the feed are usually based on natural algae.

Other dental care alternatives for the susceptible dog’s teeth

Of course, there are also a variety of different dog toys that have been specially developed for the mechanical cleaning of the teeth. One or the other toy can also be combined with a suitable dog toothpaste if necessary.

Our conclusion

It is important that you always pay attention to healthy teeth with your quadruped. Perfect dental care precautions will always ensure healthy and clean dog teeth. A regular dental check-up at your veterinarian should also be part of the dental care for dogs – your four-legged friend will thank you for it.