Weber-Isis® Beamer – possible harmonization of radiation of all kinds

The Weber-Isis® Beamer – harmonization possible with all types of radiation

Since the discovery of electricity, magnetism and radio waves of all kinds, the use and danger of these by mankind has steadily increased.

In the course of time, from generation to generation, this use has increased, at first slowly and imperceptibly, but now noticeably and at an accelerated rate, like an exponential curve.

Today, in the year 2020, we are permanently exposed to an unmanageable abundance of different, artificially generated electromagnetic radiation. Every day, every hour and every second. The so-called “point of no return” is already long behind us in this respect.

Without consciously wanting to stir up fears, it should be clear to every reader that this artificial world created by ourselves is meanwhile very far from what the Creator originally once made available to us as a natural living environment here on Earth.

This artificial world can probably not be very beneficial for our general health in the long run.

Many clinical pictures of the newer time like sleep disturbances, concentration disturbances, general drive weakness, metabolism disturbances, behavioral abnormalities (vegetative disharmonies), Burnout, unexplainable phantom pains in the whole body, hypersensitivities, migraine over several days etc., can become quite explainable.

In addition one must argue once completely objectively with the influence of the modern technology on the biological life in all nature kingdoms on earth (see for example the book “Mobile telephony, the sold health” by Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner, Michaels-Verlag, as well as the book “Ständig unter Strom – das Handbuch für Elektrosensible”, by Silvio Hellemann (building biologist), Synergia-Verlag).

Even if this would not stand up to a purely scientific examination at the moment, against this background the mass extinction of species and disappearance of birds, insects, also animal species of all kinds, as well as the appearance of many new disease patterns of today in people of all ages suddenly becomes transparent and explainable to us (electromagnetic radiation has no health risk (according to comments of responsible authorities, doctors and mobile phone operators)).

As an awake person, one intuitively senses a connection between these things, even if one cannot explain this completely.

And if we take a look ahead into the coming years – we can quickly agree – this development will certainly continue to increase.

Just for the new mobile phone standard “5G”, which emits 100 times more radiation than the current mobile phone standard, a total of more than 800 more sites are to be built nationwide.000 new transmitters are installed.

This means that within a radius of approx. 100 to 200 meters each a new transmitter must be installed, so that in our country, as it was called in an official statement of a government organ: “… mobile radio is attainable at each milk can”.

Furthermore, it must also be clear to every reader in addition that in the future it will probably not remain with the standard 5G, but that the next higher standards already lie ready. Also their implementation will very probably still come to us.

Apart from the questions of who all this serves and what it is really intended for, the question of how we can safely counter all this should be in the foreground here.

Ignoring this enormous topic and hoping that this chalice will pass us by in some mysterious way will not help us in this case.

Before a rethinking and a general reformation of the whole wide world can start and take effect, which will then change everything for the better again, every human being is first called upon to do something for himself and his direct environment (“Be yourself first the change you want to see in the world”. Quote from the Dalai Lama).

One possibility to counter these things would be a healthy, biodynamic way of life in harmony with the whole of creation, because in this way we first of all increase our own vibration in our individual system and in this way we could easily compensate for the increased technical-electromagnetic vibration from outside.

In addition, there are now also many helpful tools on the market that can help us to counter the above explained vibration increase through the technical sector and to balance this harmoniously.

One of these tools is the so-called Weber-Isis® Beamer of the company Weber Bio-Energie-Systeme & environmental technologies from Zierenberg near Kassel in northern Hesse (

The Weber-Isis® Beamer is a kind of energetic-harmonic Feng Shui device. Its shape design is inspired by the geometry of crop circles appearing all over the world.

At this point, for reasons of space and time, it is not possible to go further into this mystery, but the hint is allowed that Eckhard Weber is also the author of a standard work of the German crop circle literature: “The Crop Circle Code – Hidden Messages in Mysterious Signs” (published by Argo-Verlag).

This 748-page work deals with this subject in far greater detail, and here Weber’s sources of inspiration are made clear. The real, natural crop circles are a great mystery of the present time.

Whoever has the key to it, also has the possibility to open doors and gates for mankind through the insights from higher dimensional messages from this, as tremendous inventions for mankind of the future are still waiting here.

Eckhard Weber’s developments, such as z.B. the Isis Beamer and many other devices, so far in any case clearly shown. Even if a scientific proof of the effectiveness of the Weber devices has not yet been completely established, the meanwhile worldwide clientele of the Weber company (over 55.000 people) not in the least.

The Weber devices do their job even without understanding exactly why that is the case.

Weber-Isis®-Beamer 1:1 to 1:5 in a wooden stand

Weber-Isis®-Beamer Rose Quartz 1:1 to 1:5 for harmonization possible with all kinds of radiation
Weber-Isis® beamer rose quartz 1:1 to 1:5

The Weber-Isis® Beamer may be able to support and strengthen the whole etheric environment of their workspace. Many Feng Shui consultants and even many Feng Shui – instructors at home and abroad now recommend the Isis beamers for the harmonization of electromagnetic and geopathic loads.

Isis projectors can probably harmonize the electromagnetic influence of radio and television towers, as well as the influence of high-voltage overhead power lines, substations, the influence of overhead lines of streetcars and railroads, the influence of all conceivable electronic devices (e.g. PCs, laptops, cordless phones, etc.).B. PCs, laptops, cordless phones, W-LAN), cell phones, cell phone masts, as well as all geopathic stresses that the earth produces.

The Weber-Isis® Beamers can presumably help people to achieve a harmonious flow of all etheric forces in the body again. The Weber-Isis® beamers work completely without electric current, and they are also absolutely maintenance-free. One selects the ideal location for it in the house or the apartment, places the Isis beamer at this place and lets it simply do its work.

The Isis beamer itself probably works by its harmonic, geometric shape radiation (sacred geometry), the specific vibration of its 7 ribs, its resonance wavelength of 7.23 cm (and a multiple of this, depending on the size of the beamer), and by the combination of the materials brass and gold.

The geometric wave superposition patterns of the Weber-Isis® Beamer

Before: electromagnetic radiation with left-turning (negative), monopolar polarity meets the Isis Beamer energy field

before: electromagnetic radiation with left-turning (negative),
monopolar polarity meets the Isis-Beamer energy field.

After: after some time, the electromagnetic radiation with left-handed (negative) polarity in the beamer field is transformed into a right-handed and left-handed polarity, and a biocompatible, bipolar energy field is created

After: after some time the electromagnetic radiation becomes
with left-turning (negative) polarity in the beamer field into a
right- and left-turning polarity transformed, and a
biocompatible, bipolar energy field is created.

Isis beamer possibly superimposes all artificial, electromagnetic and geopathic waves that could have a negative effect, and harmonizes them for humans, animals and plants. Thus, a biocompatible energy radiation field can be generated for each individual organism.

The effects of the Weber-Isis® Beamer can be clearly seen in the bio-resonance measurement, the kinesiological tests, the bio-field test, the so-called Kirlian and aura photography, by the diagnostic computer system “Prognos” from the Russian space research, both dark field microscopy, as well as by the crystal analysis of the Hagalis Institute.

By the way, its tests can be reproduced at any time, but are currently not recognized by conventional science.

Kirlian photograph (high frequency photograph) of the Isis beamer 1:1
Kirlian photography (high frequency image)
of the Weber-Isis® beamer 1:1.

Graphics of the Weber-Isis® projector’s mode of operation

If the Isis-Beamer is worn 1:1 on the body, it can build up the bioenergetic energy field of the human being and can shield the body from disharmonious radiations
If the Isis Beamer is worn 1:1 on the body,
so it can influence the bioenergetic energy field of the body
of the human body and can
shield from disharmonic radiation.

This is how the Isis beamer is worn 1:1 on the body
This is how the Isis Beamer 1:1 is worn on the body.

Pharaoh’s headdress and Djed pillar

Beamer outline as well as rib and groove structure are well-known shapes and were already known in ancient Egypt.

Headdress of the Pharaoh
Headdress of the Pharaoh

As can be seen in this illustration, the basic shape of today’s Weber-Isis® Beamers was already known to the ancient Egyptians.

The pharaohs wore this geometric shape as a headdress. We recognize in this structure, so to speak, a three-quarter Isis beamer.

The wearer of this headdress indicated that he was in contact with higher worlds and higher beings and was inspired by them. This was a symbol of universal wisdom.

Djed pillar

The rib structures of many Weber devices of today are also based on the so-called “Djed pillar” of the ancient Egyptians, the mysterious object of which Egyptologists still do not know exactly what it is all about.

The Djed pillar must have been far more than only a ritual object of the old Egyptians, because there are representations of it on old reliefs, which remind in connection with this object very strongly of today’s lamp constructions (relief of Dendera).

However, Eckhard Weber took up this design language and integrated it into his products, and the success proves him right to this day (the company was founded in 1995).

The Weber-Isis® beamers can harmonize the upcoming mobile radio standard 5G

Depending on the size, the working range of the Weber-Isis® Beamer also varies. The smallest version is the Weber-Isis® Beamer mini mobile. Its radiation area has a radius of 1 m (diameter: 2 m).

It is suitable, for example, to be carried in a trouser pocket, jacket pocket or even on a key ring.

The next larger model, the Isis Beamer 1:1, can cover a radiation range of about 1.5 m (diameter = 3 m). The Weber-Isis® Beamer in the size 1:2 already works in a radius of 4 m each (diameter = 8 m, sufficient for an apartment up to 50 sqm).

The beamer in the size 1:3 works in a radius range of 8 m (diameter = 16 m, suitable for a single-family house). The beamer 1:4 works in a radius area of 12 m (diameter = 24 m, suitable for a two-family house).

The beamer in the size 1:5 works in a radius range of ca. 16 m (diameter = 32 m, suitable for large buildings). These are the areas where the Weber-Isis® Beamer can develop its full potential and where it is possible to achieve a significant harmonizing effect.

These measurements refer to when the Isis beamer is placed in the center of an apartment or house.

In recent years, Weber has developed additional Isis beamers in rose quartz versions for all sizes from 1:1 to 1:5 (for use in the home or in the office) for areas with very high levels of electrosmog. the house), and the so-called Maxi-Beamer in a plastic tube (additionally filled up with selected minerals like tourmaline and rose quartz, with an additional copper spiral), which z.B. are suitable for workshops, factories, for basements, garages, stables with animals or for other outdoor areas, where they can work independently of temperature and humidity fluctuations.

These versions with rose quartz or as maxi-beamer work ca. 30% stronger, than the basic version of the Isis beamer in the brass gold-plated version in the wooden stand.

The Isis Beamer is also available as a Maxi version in sizes 1:1 to 1:5. The Isis Beamer inside the PVC tube is not gold plated, but only polished brass, plus tourmalines, rose quartz, quartz sand, cotton and a copper spiral

The Weber-Isis® beamers are also available in a maxi version
in the sizes 1:1 to 1:5. The Isis beamer inside the
PVC tubes are not gold-plated, but only brass polished,
plus tourmalines, rose quartz, quartz sand, cotton and a copper spiral.

The Weber-Isis® Beamer can strengthen the body’s own energy field. Everything within the working range of the Isis-Beamer is possibly subject to its harmonizing potential.

The Isis Beamer transmits life-enhancing radiation (etheric forces, prana, orgone) and can probably significantly increase general well-being.

Artificial as well as negative, disharmonious electromagnetic and geopathic radiations hitting the harmonizing field of the Isis-Beamer can be superimposed, harmonized and made biocompatible.

In combination with the Weber-Isis® Beamer together, the Weber-Isis® Ray Harmony chips have also proven to be very valuable.

These can probably harmonize the electromagnetic radiation field to a tolerable level for all cell phone users.

The Weber-Isis® Ray Harmony Handy-Chip, with three-dimensional shape radiation (incl. embossing), color symbols as well as thousands of positive vibrations
The Weber-Isis® Ray Harmony Handy-Chip,
with three-dimensional shape radiation (incl. embossing),
Color symbols as well as with thousands of positive vibrations.

Geometric wave superposition. The Isis-Beamer 1:3 in a family house. You have to imagine the Isis-Beamer like a W-LAN router, in a positive sense. The vibration of the Isis-Beamer can penetrate the whole house and can reverse the left-turning, electromagnetic radiation into a bipolar, harmonic energy field

Geometric wave superposition. The Weber-Isis® Beamer 1:3
in a single family house. You have to imagine the Isis-Beamer as
present a W-LAN router, in a positive sense.
The vibration of the Isis-Beamer can penetrate the whole house
and can combine left-handed electromagnetic radiation in
re-polarize a bipolar harmonic energy field.

When Eckhard Weber introduced the Isis-Beamer to the market in the 90’s of the last century, he first created a worldwide project with great financial effort with the largest variant of this kind ever built, the Isis-Beamer in the size 1:6, which is about 43cm tall.

This Isis beamer in the size 1:6 was placed by him personally, together with two expedition helpers, on many old holy places (acupuncture points of the earth) all over the world, as for example in Germany at the Externsteine, in England at Avebury, in Egypt at the pyramids of Gizeh, or even in Australia at Ayers Rock, u.v.m..

In total, 26 beamers in the size 1:6 were installed on all continents. He thus created a superordinate, field-stabilizing antenna system consisting of many highly energetic Isis Beamers.

These Isis beamers 1:6 are in a large plastic tube, together with 30kg each of rock crystals and rose quartz, as energetic acupuncture needles for an earth healing project.

This was his gift to our so afflicted and poisoned mother earth. The real crop circles at the old holy places, at the earth chakras and on the ley lines also have a similar function.

You can help us to develop further as a species on earth.

Since all Weber-Isis® beamers are in resonance with each other, regardless of their size, all Isis beamers sold worldwide benefit from this information network.

This means that every owner and every wearer of a Weber-Isis® beamer can therefore also use the subtle, morphogenetic and energetic information of all ancient sacred power places.

Overview map of the worldwide Beamer project by Eckhard Weber
Overview map of the worldwide Beamer project by Eckhard Weber.
Numerous ancient places of power all over the world have been marked with Isis beamers
provide. These send the information of the corresponding power place
due to the law of resonance then into all 55.000 beamers worldwide,
and the owners of the beamers all benefit.

The Weber-Isis® beamers are new technologies for a new time. They can create a strong harmonization area, and they are probably able to neutralize and harmonize all disharmonious vibrations.

Strictly speaking, the Isis beamers are devices that do not seem to be completely of this world, although they are objects of the space-time that is perceptible for us.

The Isis beamers provide us with a tool that can help us to cope better with the demands of our time and to transform the presumably ever-increasing danger of the artificial electromagnetic forces flowing in on us from all sides.

It is said in many spiritual messages that we will receive help for the coming time of transformation of man and earth, and to all appearances we can see such help in Eckhard Weber’s products.

Already in 1992 the internationally known author and trance medium Barbara Marciniak pointed out the Weber-Isis® Beamer and other bio-energy products in her bestseller “Messengers of the New Morning”: “There will be technologies that can strongly counteract frequency control: these technologies can change the quality of your air and water, and they can shield and energetically seal your home so that you are a closed system and nothing can bombard you from the outside anymore”.

I am convinced that in the extensive product range of the company Weber Bio-Energie-Systeme ( probably have to see such aids. The Weber-Isis® Beamer alone has already been installed in more than 55 buildings worldwide to date.000 times have been sold (as of 2020).

In the meantime, large congress centers, office buildings, supermarkets, hotels, old people’s homes, hospitals, stud farms for multi-million jumping and racing horses, book publishers, industrial plants, meditation centers, seminar houses and much more have been equipped with Weber-Isis® Beamers.

Even some internationally known pop stars and also royal houses already use the Weber-Isis® Beamers. The letters of thanks from the enthusiastic customers of Weber Bio-Energie-Systeme meanwhile fill entire files.