Winter blues – How to survive this tips for the gloomy season.

How to survive the winter blues?

If the environment shows up in a dreary gray, it is difficult for many people to motivate themselves to even get up. Good mood degenerates there to the foreign word. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because the winter blues can be controlled well with a few tricks.

Goodbye winter blues – Get out into the fresh air every day

No matter how bad the weather is: Once a day you should go out into the fresh air – even if it’s just a short walk. The daylight and fresh air are a boon for the body, because those who constantly breathe only the dry heating air, often feel listless. Exercise also releases endorphins, also known as happiness hormones.

It’s no wonder that even a simple walk can lift your spirits again. Even better, of course, is to exercise: A jogging round can be run warmly dressed also in winter in the park and nothing speaks against it to use protected with cap and gloves the bicycle for the daily way to work.

Take care of your vitamin balance

In the summer months, more fresh fruits and crunchy vegetables straight from the garden are automatically consumed. In winter, on the other hand, many people turn to hearty foods such as stews and soups, roast pork and lasagna.

These dishes then unfortunately often result in an acute vitamin deficiency – without sufficient vitamins, the body feels flabby and tired.

So don’t forget to include fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet in winter too. A hot soup may be more tempting than the cold winter salad, but the body will appreciate the vitamin kick.

Don’t be afraid to order vitamin supplements on the Internet to prevent vitamin D deficiency, for example. Because here even the best diet fails: vitamin D is formed in the skin by the influence of sunlight – however, in winter the sun only shows up for a few hours a day, so production is not kicked into gear.

Simply times let hang

If the weather is particularly hospitable, you can also celebrate the winter blues once really. Plan the whole Sunday: buy your favorite food – that may be a pizza and a big bar of chocolate -, light scented candles and snuggle up on the sofa with your favorite movies. Anyone who says even one bad word about Julia Roberts will be banned from the apartment for the rest of the day.

In general, it is tremendously beneficial for the good mood to pamper yourself once in a while and to take time for the things that get lost too quickly in everyday life. Have you wanted to pick up a paintbrush and paint something again for years?? Putting together a complicated puzzle with 500 pieces like in childhood or finally reading the thick book with the collected works of Jane Austen that you already got as a Christmas present last year?

Now is the right time! Cancel unnecessary appointments that you don’t feel like going to anyway, and devote yourself entirely to your own needs: you’ll notice how much better you feel afterwards.

Do nice things

Spending the whole winter on the sofa is of course also no solution. Therefore, plan some exciting trips that will spoil your brain with fresh impressions.

This can be exhibitions in your own city or a day trip to a famous sight in the vicinity that you have often read about but never seen before. If it is an old castle to which a long hiking trail leads, all the better!

Of course, it may also be a shopping trip to, for example, in an outlet center, where you give yourself completely to the bargain hunting in the winter sales, or a visit to a new highly acclaimed restaurant in the city. Your brain will be so busy devoting itself to the many new impressions that it won’t have time to mope at all.

Short trips are also a great way to chase away the winter blues: Plan a relaxing wellness weekend at the North Sea or Baltic Sea, which are almost deserted at this time of year, where a stiff breeze whistles around your ears as you take a walk before you indulge in massages, Ayurveda or beauty treatments.

Do you like art and culture, plan nevertheless times an opera attendance in the famous Scala of Milan or celebrate you a rushing ball night in Vienna with your dearest one! If you float over the dance floor to the sound of waltzes, the winter blues are guaranteed not to stand a chance!