Cinnamon oil against cellulite and for beautiful skin

Cinnamon oil against cellulite and for beautiful skin

Most people know cinnamon or cinnamon oil as a wonderfully aromatic spice not only for the Christmas bakery. Cinnamon also tastes wonderful with applesauce or rice pudding. Incidentally, it is also a well-known remedy.

In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, cinnamon plays an important role and has done so for more than a thousand years.

Cinnamon is especially a good remedy when it comes to healthy skin. Cinnamon stimulates blood circulation, which is crucial in cellulite treatment.

More than a cosmetic problem

More than 90 percent of women, from puberty to adulthood, suffer from cellulite. For many women it is more than a cosmetic problem, but rather a matter of aesthetics. But what is cellulite anyway?

It is a disorder both in the lymphatic drainage and in the circulatory system. This disorder leads to the formation of so-called fat nodules, causing the skin to sag more and more.

Finally, it looks like the surface of an orange, hence the nickname orange peel skin. Not only women but also men are affected by cellulite.

However, women outnumber men because their connective tissues are much more flexible, and hormonal fluctuations affect them more than men. Cinnamon and especially cinnamon oil are proven, natural remedies in the fight against unsightly orange peel skin.

How cellulite develops?

Some physicians still believe that cellulite is a problem that is very difficult to prevent. This view is controversial, since not every woman is affected to the same extent.

There are very different causes for cellulite. Beside wrong nutrition also too little liquid can be a reason for orange peel skin.

Sitting for long periods of time, too little exercise, water retention in the tissues, the consumption of alcohol and nicotine, but also circulatory disorders or too tight clothing promote cellulite.

Women who it affects can significantly improve the appearance of the skin with natural remedies such as cinnamon or cinnamon oil. But what does such a treatment look like and what are the chances of cellulite disappearing??

Help through massages – study with cinnamon oil

To completely defeat cellulite is a very difficult task that requires a lot of patience and consistency. Dermatologists at the University of Grenoble in France found out in a study how well the oil from the bark of the cinnamon tree can help fight cellulite.

80 women took part in this study, half of them received normal classic massages, the other half massages with the oil from the cinnamon tree.

While in the group with the classical massage only a reduction of cellulite of ten percent was achieved, in the group with the oil massage the cellulite decreased by 60 percent.

This is a clear sign of how effectively the oil from cinnamon bark can affect the skin.

Cellulite always means an accumulation of toxic substances in the body, which the organs can not sufficiently eliminate. Cinnamon, on the other hand, has a strong detoxifying effect and makes it easier for the body to eliminate toxic substances through the body.

Since cinnamon oil also supports the metabolism and stimulates blood circulation, this ultimately leads to a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin. Cellulite is decreasing more and more.