How to Disguise the Belly 17 Fashion Tricks for Fat Men

How to disguise the belly ? 17 fashion tricks for fat men

You have a few extra pounds and you don’t know how to dress to look thinner ? Well s’dress n’is not something I understand about sizing, it’s something I’m not sure I understand’This is almost a philosophy, at least from our point of view. It is clear that’Having a perfect body helps all the clothes to look good, but if you are one of those who don’t have a perfect body, then you need to look good’If you don’t have the dream body sculpted by the gods, if you have a few pounds more like the vast majority of the population, you have the same right to be declared’look good and with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can hide that happy curve.

We don’t want to fall into clich├ęs and say that men with a belly are not good-looking’You don’t have to be a good parent’dress them because what characterizes them is that they are not the same’is their friendliness and their talent to make us laugh. Nothing is further from reality, there will be men with a few extra pounds who will be nice and kind to you’You will not be able to attract others who will not, so whether you have charisma or not, what cannot fail is the ability to attract’elegance and well being’Dress up, dress down as the belly will earn you some looks at the time’and not bad planning.

Fashion tips and men’s clothing to camouflage extra pounds

Try to divert the attention’Attention to your abdomen, wear clothes that stylize your figure or use colors that do not make you look even bigger than you are, are some of the tips we can give you to soften your forms and at the same time go elegant. The belly in the summer or during the summer’A first date can be an obstacle, but with these tips, fashion will make you more confident and others will notice.

Dark colors

Light colors, as opposed to dark colors, attract the eye’attention. If you are a rugged man, the color black will help you hide the parts you do not want to show. Choose to wear dark colors and smooth clothes in the parts of your body that you want to style.

Wearing dark clothes on your upper body and light clothes on your lower body can help you look more proportionate if your torso is wider than your lower half.


Make sure your pants fit perfectly, neither too loose nor too tight. Do not wear pants that are low or “crappy”, that have a long pull or that are “tubed”. Straight pants (which are the same width on the thigh as on the bottom) prevent you from having a baby’If you want to adopt a V shape, with tiny ankles and the widest central part, opt for them. If the pants fit, you can wear them’will not need folds. Bet on those that fit you.

Your jeans and pants should close just above your belly button.

proper size

Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, but don’t wear sizes that are too big either. Nor the’a ni l’The Scandinavian chart is a good example of how breastfeeding can help the breast. Tight clothing will show off those extra pounds by putting the spotlight on your body’emphasis on the curves you do not want to show, so undo the polo shirts and fitted shirts. Similarly, very large clothes do not give the impression of being too large’The impression that strong people have is not the same’look thinner, they just give you the look of a man’s impression’be even bigger. If a garment does not have a’It is not in your size, because it is not in your size’we left you short (or tall), don’t wear it.

Choose clothes that fit exactly and that do not stick too much to the body.


Avoid round shapes on shirts and choose those with a V-neck, which produces the impression of being taller’vertical effect that we like to achieve while helping to balance out the rounded shapes of the face. Just as leaving the last button of the shirt unbuttoned works very well visually. Be careful not to let the neck get too big.

If you’re dressing formally, opt for shirts with a stiff collar and look for edges that are as vertical as possible.

Attract attention’attention on your accessories

Avoid filling your pockets with heavy or bulky items such as your wallet, smartphone or keys. These items add volume to your waist. Better to use the inside pockets of the jacket or even get a good quality shoulder strap rather than a belt’an elegant and professional look.

You should also emphasize masculine accessories such as’You can also wear a watch, bracelet, handkerchief in your suit pocket, a scarf, or wear brightly colored socks with fun prints. Accessories should not be small, because they may look disproportionate to your size. You can also opt for hats, caps, glasses if you like them, they look good on you and are not too expensive’adapt to your personality.

Make yourself a custom suit

If you have the’on occasion, will get you a custom made suit. Although’there are places where they are expensive, if you are looking for an affordable tailor who can make you one at a good price. Believe us after wearing this custom suit, you don’t want to wear anything else’other. A suit is a piece of clothing that can never go missing from the wardrobe of a family’a man, the’It is ideal to have two pieces of clothing to wear at the same time’It is ideal to have two to wear depending on the time of year’year.

Follow our men’s suit guide if you have any questions.

Wear long coats

If the period of the’year allows it, he wears big coats. Wearing these types of coats will hide your figure and they are very elegant and fashionable. This clothing will make you look slimmer and more beautiful.

Wear a lot of clothes

Another trick you can use to disguise that belly is to wear lots of clothes. Sweatshirts, jerseys, cardigans, coats or jackets, any garment you can put on top of each other will make you hide your belly. However, avoid burning and suffering from a lack of attention’If you are suffocating, this tip will not work’is recommended that’in cold weather.


We know that this is not a good idea’This is not a fashionable advice, but it is’This is a tip that will help you cover up the neck’excess belly. Avoid bending over, always keep your back straight and your head up’abdomen towards the’If you’re not sure about the interior, you’ll have the right look’look thinner, but not fatter.

No fingerprints

If your problem is the abdominal area, try not to wear clothes that have prints on this part of the body, because you attract attention where you do not want that’they look. Choose pieces with the’stamped above, which detract from the’attention of the areas to be hidden. When choosing prints, choose asymmetrical prints and lines that don’t point sideways. Avoid horizontal lines and prints with the same images that are repeated, because the feeling of volume increases.

Take good care of your beard.

Have you thought about growing a beard? ? Then stop using them’Think about it and do it, a careful beard will disguise your overweight and make you look sexier, the eyes will focus on that beautiful beard and not deviate further down. And we want to put the’Emphasize caution, nothing to let the beard grow unchecked and unshiny. Whether you already have a beard or not, our tips on how to care for a man’s beard can work for you’Our tips on caring for a man’s beard can work well for you.

Wear vests

This garment, which seemed outdated, is becoming fashionable again and suits you well, because it hides the belly very well, in addition to giving an elegant and very seductive touch. N’So feel free to add the vest to your outfits or turn your suit into a three-piece suit by using a single.

Wear long sleeve shirts with thin vertical stripes.

Long sleeve shirts will be a good ally. Go for shirts with thin vertical stripes, you will immediately notice the difference’Optical effect that helps reduce your weight. If you choose horizontal stripes or printed with squares, the’What optical effect will the corset give?’feel like you’re putting on weight.

If you still want to use a piece with horizontal stripes, break the’Stop the optical effect by layering with another garment, such as a blazer.


Forget the lycra or satin that s’And we want to make the material fit the silhouette and make you look even thicker, leave it for later . Try to keep the material of your clothes as small as possible. Try not to add volume to your body and avoid thick and textured fabrics such as thick wool. Choose clothing such as cashmere sweaters that will keep you warm during the day’Add a long coat like we do for you’we advised earlier.

If you also sweat a lot, choose natural fabrics like silk and forget about synthetic fibers, which do not let your skin breathe and make you sweat even more.


Wear round toed, rectangular or oval shoes, as they lengthen the leg and make your figure look taller and slimmer. Forget those with wide or square shapes. Wearing Oxford or Derbi shoes with an extended toe will also do you good.

Opting for more formal shoes gives you a lighter style than thick soled, heavy boots will be a wise decision. If you need to choose shoes that look good on you or know what types of men’s shoes are still available, you can check out our men’s shoe guide.


Bet on a haircut that adds a little volume on top and reduces the volume on the side of your face to make it less wide. Use cuts that are neither too short nor too long, a half mane with bangs for example would be a good option. L’idea is to concentrate the greatest volume at the top of the head.

By playing with the volume and raising the hair, you will create an effect where the rounded features are more disguised. Sideburns should also be thin, unless you opt for a good beard. To find out what type of hairstyle you can adapt more to your face, you can check our guide to men’s hairstyles by face type.

Wear a sheath

If, why not you ? Although this tool may seem old-fashioned or outdated, it’s not’If you think that it can be used only by older women, you’d be surprised how many young girls and boys will have to dress up more’use. What is clear is that’is that’a girdle stylizes the silhouette, which makes the belly is at the top’inside and your chest more towards the front’exterior. It may be difficult for you for a while, but to look like a character, you have to suffer, otherwise tell the girls who wore corsets in the past centuries that’they must suffer.

Exercise the abdominal area and you will not be able to do more’will have more to dress up !

As you can see, it does not’It’s not hard to find’Have style, regardless of our physique, but why hide it then that’with a little bit of sacrifice at mealtime and during the day’exercise you could say goodbye to that belly ? You probably think it’s a good idea to have a stainless steel table’It’s just a matter of choosing the right table’appearance or fashion, but the truth is that losing a few extra pounds is more a matter of health.

After some exercises to reduce fat in the abdominal area and a healthier, more balanced diet, you could lose that excess waistline and improve your well-being. C’is up to you to put aside your bad habits and not to worry more about whether one garment or another improves your abdominal curve more or less.