How to choose the right wine cellar Our tips for making the right choice

How to choose your wine cellar ? Our advice to make the right choice

How to have good bottles of wine at hand, in any occasion, without having a cellar under your floor ? More and more widespread, today’s wine cellars combine design, modernity and functionality and allow you to store your bottles while respecting the rules of oenology. Discover all our advice to make the right choice among all the wine cellars available on the market.

Qu’is what’a wine cellar ?

The wine cellar is the place to be for to preserve and age to store your bottles of wine in the best possible conditions. Some houses are lucky enough to have a real cellar. For all the others, innovative and modern solutions allow you to preserve and age your wines store your wine at home. Your wine cellar must respond to different factors for an optimal preservation of flavors:

  • Darkness: UV rays impact and alter the wine;
  • hygrometry : the humidity level of your cellar must be between 55 and 80% (to preserve the cork in particular);
  • stability and rest : wines must be stored far from any vibrations or shocks to avoid any deposit movements ;
  • air: the air in the cellar must be pure. The wine breathes and should not take on any other odors;
  • temperature: it is essential to keep a constant temperature in your wine cellar. On average, between 10 and 14°, it depends on the type of cellar and wine concerned (we will see it a little further);
  • aestheticism: wine cellars are now design products, modern and original.

When choosing your wine cellar, several criteria must be taken into account: your wine consumption, your requirements, the space available, the energy cost and your budget.

Which type of wine cellar to choose ?

The service cellar

A cellar of service allows you to put your wines in the good tasting temperature. It is intended for regular consumption: either the wines have aged sufficiently, or they are simply wines that do not keep over time. The serving cellar can be one or several temperatures.

L’temperature control cabinet has the same use as the service cellar but works with electric current and does not use any gas, unlike the service cellar which uses a compressor (i.e. a really low energy consumption). However, the cabinet is very quiet and does not emit any vibrations.

The cellar of ageing

The cellar of ageing allows the wines to keep to improve during several years in optimal conditions. It can go from 5 years of conservation to 20 years and more. It is intended for great wines and has the same function as the traditional cellars.

Depending on the model, you can store 100 to 300 bottles in your cellar. This will ensure: darkness (anti-UV door); constant temperature and hygrometry control; air purity (charcoal filters); rest of the wine (anti-vibration system) and automatic temperature adjustment according to the external climate.

The cellar of conservation

The conservation cellar is the intermediate phase of the aging cellar and the service cellar. It allows you to keep your wines for a shorter period of time: as a general rule, we store wines for 2 to 3 years before tasting them. This cellar is ideal for wines that have reached the end of their lifethe peak of the ageing process of their flavors.

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What is the ideal temperature of the cellar?’a wine cellar ?

To preserve your wine in the best possible conditions, your cellar must keep a constant temperature between 10 and 14°C on average. However, the ideal temperature will depend once again on the type of cellar type of cellar that you will choose :

  • ageing : 12°C;
  • conservation : 10 to 14°C.

The temperature of the service cellar depends on the type of wine stored:

    , Alsace : 8 to 10°C ;
  • sweet white wines, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone: 12 to 14°C;
  • Red wines from Alsace, Savoie, Beaujolais: 12 to 14°C ;
  • reds from Burgundy, Loire Valley: 15 to 17°C ;
  • Bordeaux: 18°C ;
  • rosé wines: 8 to 10°C ;
  • Champagne : 6 to 8°C.

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Why invest in wine ?

Wine has been around for centuries and has always been a popular alcoholic beverage. In recent years, wine has become more popular than ever, with the global wine market experiencing unprecedented growth. This growth is expected to continue, which makes it a good choice for the future’It is the right time to invest in great wines and exceptional wines.

There are many reasons why investing in wine can be a smart decision. All of the above’First, as mentioned above, the demand for wine is increasing worldwide. As a result, the wine market is growing rapidly and the opportunities for making money are increasing’investment are numerous.

Another reason to’Investing in wine is not a good idea’it s’acts first, as mentioned above, the request for a period is made by the patient’a relatively low-risk investment. Unlike PMS’other types of’investments, such as stocks in the stock market, the value of wine n’Dysmenorrhea is not subject to sudden changes or fluctuations. This makes it a much more stable investment, which can offer good long-term returns.

Finally, wine is an easily storable product for very little money’investment. Indeed, it is not’It is not necessary to have a cellar of 1000 bottles to invest in wine. It is therefore possible to n’invest in just a few large bottles and wait for the next one to arrive’they increase in value.

If you are considering’If you want to invest in wine, you have to take into account these factors. However, if you do your research and invest wisely, wine can be a great way to make money’money very soon after the first euros invested. Of course, it is possible not to invest too much money in this area’This is why the wine market is growing and the opportunities are there to make money in the beginning to limit the financial risks of your investment.

On the other hand, as soon as the’activity is profitable, n’Do not hesitate to invest more.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation “.