How to choose the best furniture for your restaurant

How to choose the best furniture for your restaurant ?

Far from simply seating customers, furniture contributes greatly to the atmosphere and appeal of the space. And when it comes to a restaurant where the decor and the attractiveness of the reception area are essential factors of customer satisfaction, the choice of furniture is a determining moment for the success of the establishment. However, designing a restaurant is not a piece of cake.

But since you’re interested, here’s how to find the best furniture for your restaurant.

Furniture adapted to the clientele and the culinary trends of the restaurant

Basically, the decoration – which includes furniture – A veranda must tell a story and create a special atmosphere. As such, the design of your furniture (cozy and casual or trendy and uncluttered, etc..) is crucial to create a universe that maximizes your customers’ satisfaction.

If you are looking for a table for your restaurant’s kitchen, the ideal is to opt for a stainless steel table; AllForFood, among other things, has a wide range of products to choose from’A wide selection of furniture is available. Aesthetic and very trendy, it is an excellent support for culinary preparation. It is resistant and very easy to clean.

However, not all your furniture is required to be stainless steel. You can choose furniture made of aluminum, PVC, polycarbonate, oak, pine, beech, etc. You can decide to create an elegant decoration by dressing your countertop with noble materials such as marble, ebony or mahogany.

This will depend on your target clientele and your restaurant’s main culinary trends.

In addition, as far as colors are concerned, remember that dark colored coverings (black, brown, dark blue, etc..) are the best choice.) will create a cozy atmosphere, while red, green, orange, white will create a rather warm atmosphere. In any case, the stainless steel table adapts to all types of decoration.

Functional and comfortable furniture

Since most of the furniture is used on a daily basis and since it will often have to be moved for customers to settle in and for maintenance purposes, the ideal is to choose furniture that is particularly functional (without neglecting the aesthetics, of course).

Your furniture should therefore be :

Strong enough to withstand shocks, weather and splashes, especially for outdoor furniture (thickness of material, strength of pressure points, etc.).)

Not too heavy to be easily moved ;

Durable so it won’t wear out too quickly (comes with a minimum 2 year warranty).

That said, no matter how stylish they are, your furniture should take into account the size of your restaurant. They must optimize the available space and install the largest number of covers per square meter. However, it is important to provide enough space between tables so that clients and staff can move freely without bumping into each other or having to move furniture to make their way around.

Also make sure that your furniture is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. No client would like to be sitting in a restaurant with unattractive furniture and a wobbly chair that must first be propped up with an object to be stable. Your furniture must be functional and comfortable.