Coping the CBD as a wellness ally

Coping the CBD as a wellness ally - Charliebirdy thirty minutes

Facing winter: CBD as a wellness ally

Although winter has not yet pointed out its flakes, winter prevention campaigns are widely disseminated. The latter invite us to adopt healthy habits such as wash our hands frequently, to cover our nose and mouth when we sneeze with a handkerchief, to drink a lot of water (To reduce the risk of skin drought, to stimulate the digestive system, stay moisturize while helping the immune system to work well), but also to eat well. And so well sleep well as to bet on clothes as hot as cocooning are all gestures to help spend the winter without incident, There is another tip to cope with the coldest season of the year: the CBD.

As surprising as it may seem, the use of cannabidiol is also a tip to prepare your body to face the cold. Close -up on the best ways of s’prepare.

Face the frosts of winter, the reasons to bet on the CBD

If CBD purchases in France are more and more numerous, it is because the CBD ensures the proper functioning of our immune system. It is therefore essential for our immune system optimally against external aggressions and seasonal diseases. Beyond this regulatory effect on our immune system, CBD is above all an ally to fight against stress and anxiety, improve our sleep, participate in the right hormonal balance while protecting our cells from free radicals (responsible for cell aging), reduce skin inflammation, joints, regulate muscle pain and promote recovery.

In short, The CBD supports our good habits taken to face seasonal frosts. And so that it brings us all its benefits, nothing like checking the origin of the products, the percentage of THC (less than 0.2%) in particular when making our CBD purchases in France.

Test the CBD this winter, CBD oil

Practical, easy to use and easily transportable, CBD oil is the product that has the most craze to fight winter ailments. Quite naturally, just place a few drops under the tongue, using the drop-down pipette to enjoy its benefits. In general, the effects are felt after around thirty minutes.

Of course, it is recommended to start with a low concentration, to gradually increase the latter, just like the number of drops.

Test the CBD this winter, CBD flowers

Another product to test to face winter: CBD flowers. Very popular, CBD flowers come from rigorously selected hemp plants. They are mainly used as an infusion by mixing them with a fatty body (like coconut oil, non -salty butter) before putting them in hot water. Broadcast for 5 to 10 minutes using a ball or a tea coland, infusions and teas at CBD can be decorated with a few drops of lemon, a pinch of cinnamon, honey or even caramel according to everyone’s tastes and desires.

They can also cook by mixing with tasty recipes of our culinary preparations such as cakes, cookies, sauces for example.

Testing the CBD this winter, the Baumes and Crèmes de CBD

Skin inflammation, skin that scratches, redness, pimples and other tightness, our skin is tightly proven during the cold season. Applied in the form of balm, but also cream, CBD makes it possible to treat skin problems. Perfect for soothing acne skin, suffering from’eczema or psoriasis.

I’Application of CBD creams and balms is just as effective in relieving joint pain due to the’Arthritis for example just like muscle pain after a good sports session.

Test the CBD this winter, a wide range of products

CBD bath salt to spend a relaxing and soothing moment.

Honey, candies and chocolates at CBD to enjoy a gourmet well-being.

CBD soaps to take care of your skin while delicately cleaning it.

Virgin CBD oil to enhance its health benefits sauces.

CBD e-liquid to take advantage of winter to start a smoking cessation.

CBD massage oil for a cocooning session at will.

So many different products to meet our needs as well as our desires.