Why choose a professional cleaning cart

Buying a professional cleaning cart: how to choose the right one ?

The cleaning cart is an indispensable tool for professionals in the field of cleaning. Indeed, it allows to’A cleaning trolley: to have access to all the cleaning material easily, without bending down, without carrying. What is this cleaning cart made of? ? Who is it for and how to choose it ? Discover the advantages of the wash cart in a few points.

A cleaning cart: c’What exactly is it? ?

A cleaning cart is a wheeled or motorized tool that facilitates the transport of cleaning material. As can be seen on this page, the household carts are configured differently. Each configuration corresponds to a working method.

The main thing for the surface technician is to have’It saves time and money to have the equipment quickly and easily at hand. It saves time and money’energy. In addition, it avoids movements that in the long run can have harmful effects on the health.

Who needs them ?

The cleaning professionals need cleaning or washing carts. A scrubbing cart is a cart intended for cleaning floors only. The cleaning or washing cart is therefore a tool to minimize the efforts and improve the working conditions of the cleaning professionals.

A cleaning cart: what exactly is it?

How to choose it ?

To choose a cleaning cart, one must first think about his working methods. In fact, a’a person at the office’other, the ideal cart will be different. L’Does the user only clean floors or also surfaces, windows, bathrooms, etc.? ? The configuration and the’The design of the cleaning cart or the cleaning cart are essential criteria for select the best cart. In addition, one must take into account :

  • The size of the cart: the dimensions are important, because the trolley is not only used for cleaning, but also for storing dirty linen (ideal for the cleaning of the premises)’the size of the cart will impact its efficiency and maneuverability. A simple wash cart is sufficient for cleaning floors, while a large one is not’a complete cleaning cart is indicated to arrange all the cleaning material. However, it will be heavier and more difficult to handle.
  • The material of the cart: plastic carts are light, less expensive and resistant. Models made of chrome steel, rilsan steel are also common and appreciated for their solidity. Finally, the stainless steel cleaning cart is the most common, especially in hospitals, because they are very resistant and can be decontaminated.
  • Your storage capacity: the size of the cart must allow you to store’easy to store once you have finished cleaning’it must be stored.
  • Maneuverability: it varies according to the weight and type of cart. A complete cleaning cart will be heavier than a regular cart’a simple, but more useful cart. It is therefore necessary to choose according to your final benefit.

What is it made of? ?

The composition of the cleaning cart depends on its usefulness and the models. A complete cart contains :

  • two buckets (a wash bucket and a rinse bucket, usually with a press)
  • of the brooms
  • garbage bags
  • a jaw press
  • a waste collection base with a place for a waste bag to facilitate waste collection
  • a scraper, a shovel
  • a deck washer
  • rags, sponges, etc
  • cleaning products’floor and surface cleaning

The cleaning cart range can be divided into several categories: simple cleaning carts, which are used for cleaning of floors and surfaces, and cleaning carts with a lid’The most important one is the common cleaning cart with two buckets, the cleaning cart with a lid that allows you to store your clothes in a safe place’The size of the trolley: the size of the trolley is important, because it is used to store dirty linen (ideal for hotels) and the complete cleaning cart, which contains all the possible cleaning equipment.

The advantages of the household cart The advantages of this tool are numerous and obvious: it is practical, easy to handle, speeds up the cleaning process, accessible and easy to use’a financial point of view. With the’evolution of the rules in terms of hygiene’They can be decontaminated in a number of ways, such as: hygiene, more stringent requirements for surface disinfection, the use of a stainless steel trolley and the use of a stainless steel washstand’purchase of a cleaning trolley’a cleaning cart quickly pays for itself.

In the end, the cleaning cart is a tool that will not only improve the comfort of your work, but will also save you time. You will be more cost effective by providing carts for your employees. Firstly, they will be less tired, secondly they will be faster and finally, their work will be more efficient.