Eucalyptus beneficial properties, uses and contraindications

Eucalyptus beneficial properties, uses and contraindications Eucalyptus is also

Eucalyptus: beneficial properties, uses and contraindications

I’Eucalyptus is a plant with many beneficial and healing properties: its leaves and essential oil are excellent for treating winter affections, such as cough and colds, and to relieve muscle and joint pain. He is also excellent against L’acne and oily hair. Here is all its properties !

That’Is that’Eucalyptus

I’Eucalyptus (eucalyptus) is a plant with persistent leaves native to’Australia and belongs to the myrtaceae family. I’tree can reach until’At 90 mentri and its leaves, of which we obtain an excellent essential oil, are useful for their healing properties capable of treating typically winter seasonal diseases such as coughing, colds, sinusitis, fever, but also sore throat,’asthma and, in general, diseases of the respiratory tract. However, its uses are multiple: the’Eucalyptus is also useful in case of cystitis and candidates, thanks to its antibacterial action. It is then used in cosmetic preparations as an excellent remedy for the’acne and oily hair because it has a healing and purifying action.

But let’s discover all the properties of this plant and how’Use for our well-being.

Properties and benefits of’eucalyptus

A very precious essential oil is extracted from the leaves of’eucalyptus, thanks above all to the presence of’eucalyptus, flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins, d’aldehydes, substances with balsamic, expectorant and antibacterial action. For this reason, the’Eucalyptus is used in phytotherapy, not only against inflammatory conditions but also against diseases of the urogenital system and not only. Here is all its properties.

  • Expectorant, balsamic action against cough and cold: l’one of the main and most famous properties of the’Eucalyptus is its balsamic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant action, useful for relieving cooling, coughing and sinusitis symptoms thanks to its active ingredients which act naturally and quickly by sufficient, herbal tea and essential oil. I’eucalyptus allows’Improve breathing because it is able to fluidify the mucus promoting the’Catarrh expulsion.
  • Excellent antibacterial in case of cystitis and candidates: L’essential oil contained in the leaves of’eucalyptus has an effective antibacterial and antiseptic action to combat diseases of the’urogenital device, in particular cystitis and candida, also exercising a deodorant action. In case of cystitis, it may be useful to dilute two drops of’essential oil in a teaspoon of honey to be dissolved in a herbal tea. The antibacterial properties of the’Eucalyptus are also useful for fighting bacteria that cause dental caries and gingivitis, so that its essence is also used for the composition of products’oral hygiene such as mouthwash and toothpaste.
  • Useful as analgesic and healing : I’eucalyptus can be used at the’exterior as healing in case of cuts and burns and in the event of’infections such as L’herpes, also having a soothing effect. I’essential oil D’Eucalyptus also develops effective analgesic action in the event of migraines, neuralgia, rheumatism and muscle pain. It can also be used in case of dumits’insects.
  • Stimulating in case of fatigue: L’Eucalyptus also helps fight fatigue, stress and mental laziness: it is used as a mental stimulant because it is capable of’Increase blood flow to the brain, exercising.
  • Useful against diabetes: L’Eucalyptus is capable of’Increase blood flow thanks to its vasodilatatory properties, which leads to a decrease in sugars. Its leaves therefore have a useful hypoglycaemia effect in the event of diabetes.
  • Useful cosmetic properties in case of’acne, black dots and oily hair: L’Eucalyptus is also used in cosmetics to fight the’acne and blackheads thanks to its astringent, disinfectant and antibacterial properties. You just have to prepare a few sufficients with its leaves to relieve the typical fat problems thanks to the’Action of its vapors. It is also suitable very well to gently clean the skin, for its soothing properties, then has a deodorant effect and is also used in oily hair products. I’essential oil D’Eucalyptus is excellent for foot baths and relaxing baths: just put a few drops in the’hot water to enjoy all its benefits.

I’Eucalyptus: uses for well-being and beauty

What are the main uses of the’eucalyptus ? The leaves D’eucalyptus are mainly used to make herbal teas or its essential oil for external use.


I’Eucalyptus exercises its balsamic action even’It is consumed in the form of herbal tea. To prepare it, leave 3 g of dried leaves in a cup D’boiling water for 10 minutes, covering it to avoid the dispersion of volatile substances. Once ready, drink it and capture its perfume by breathing deep to relieve the symptoms of colds.

I’Balsamic action of leaves D’Eucalyptus, used alone, could irritate the gastric mucosa in people with gastritis. In these cases, it is best to mix it with D’other plants that protect the mucous membrane, such as mauve. To prepare this infusion, it takes half a teaspoon of leaves’Eucalyptus and a teaspoon of Mauve: pour them into a cup D’boiling water and let infuse for 10 minutes. Filter and drink.

Useful both to dissolve the catarrh as’In the event of urinary tract disease.

Essential oil

I’essential oil D’Eucalyptus contains all the active ingredients contained in the sheets and is mainly used for its Decongesting properties : it has a mucolytic and expectorant action as well as substances, such as monoterpenes, with antispasmodic and balsamic action. For respiratory problems, just’Use two or three drops in a liter of’boiling water with a teaspoon of baking soda to prepare fumigation. I’essential oil D’Eucalyptus can also be used to carry out massages that relax the muscles and improve blood circulation by soothing pain and’Inflammation: use it diluted with vegetable oil such as the’oil D’almond, and applied to the areas concerned with a soft massage from bottom to top.

Contraindications on the’eucalyptus

Used in excessive doses, the’oil D’Eucalyptus can cause vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Furthermore’It is used concentrated, it can irritate the skin and cause dermatitis in particularly sensitive subjects. It should not be used during pregnancy and the’feeding with milk.