Castor oil everything you need to know to enjoy its benefits

Castor oil: everything you need to know to enjoy your benefits

I’castor oil is a natural beauty secret that seduces thousands of women every day around the world. To enjoy its countless benefits, it is necessary to make the best of choices. We invite you to consult this mini-guide D’purchase to find out a little more about the criteria for choosing the’Castor oil.

How to choose your castor oil ?

The perfect knowledge of the choice criteria is essential during the’Purchase D’A quality organic castor oil. Find here, the basic criteria that must be taken into account to make the best choice.

The purity of the’oil

I’castor oil is a treasure of nature. Some women l’use to hydrate certain parts of their body. D’still others, for treat pathologies. Its advantages are multiple.

However, to benefit from the virtues of the’castor oil, it is necessary that’it is pure.

The purity of the’oil is a criterion not to be overlooked because it is the guarantee of its quality. VS’is what guarantees that all its properties are preserved. So, before thinking about the price comparator, make sure that the’chosen oil is pure and virgin.

A virgin and pure castor oil offers you better results, than you’Use for your hair, nails, eyebrows or any other part of your body.

Castor oil

The certification

In trade, organic labels are more and more numerous. However, pay particular attention to the certification of the’castor oil of your choice. Choose oils whose labels certify that the products do not contain components of’animal origin, silicone or even synthetic dyes.

In addition, the choice of’An oil extracted from’A plant from’Organic farming is ideal. In addition, these are oils that’have undergone any discoloration treatment and which do not contain’Alcohol or other chemical ingredients.

Always check the certification on the’label before even validated your choice of’purchase. The Cosmebio and Ecocert labels are references in the matter.

The price and the capacity

Just like any other product to buy, we always bet on the best value for money. I’Purchase of L’organic castor oil is no exception to this rule. For a start, you can Choose a 50 ml bottle in order to test the product.

If you are satisfied with the result, you can choose a greater capacity, especially if you are considering’Use your organic castor oil in the form of a treatment or for hair care.

Likewise, the choice of’A castor oil presented in a bottle or a glass of glass is to be preferred. This allows better conservation of the’oil. In addition, there are also in the trade oils of castor with’A pipette, which makes L more practical’use of L’oil.

How to use L’organic castor oil ?

I’organic castor oil is widely used in cosmetics due to its many benefits. Here are some tips to put into practice to make the most of your natural cosmetic product.

Strengthen your hair

In l’oil D’Sweet almond, organic coconut or d’olive, add the’equivalent of’A teaspoon of’Castor oil. Mix thoroughly. With your fingers, take a little of your preparation, massage your scalp and prolong the gesture until’haircut.

Wait about twenty minutes before washing with a shampoo, then rinse with’lukewarm water. Once the treatment is finished, use a hot towel to cover your head. Perform this care three times a week.

Treat your broken nails

Beforehand, clean your nails well as if you wanted to do a manicure. Ponch once the cuticles have been pushed. Pour a few drops D’organic castor oil on your nails then make a slight massage.

Another use of the’organic castor oil is to make a mixture of’castor oil and shea in a large hollow plate. Once the mixture is ready, immerse your nails in it. Wait for a few minutes then dry yourself.

Do this treatment once a week.

Find a beautiful skin

I’castor oil has Nourishing and moisturizing properties. In addition, it softens the’epidermis, ensures the scrub of buttons’acne and repair of small imperfections. It is effective in treating the’eczema because it has a antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power.

Use this oil to exfoliate the skin from the body or face.

In your hands, pour a few drops of this oil. Rub well in your hands to warm it up. In the area concerned, apply the’oil by light circular movements until’to what’She enters the skin.

Make this treatment a daily routine for two weeks. This type of treatment also works on chapses and hard -skinned feet. Ladies, if you want to make unsightly spots disappear and have a brighter complexion, mix the’organic castor oil with l’carrot oil.

Thick your eyelashes

Use L’castor oil for give volume to your eyelashes. The mascara brush or a cotton swab will allow you’apply. Be very careful with your eyes during the’application.

In a few weeks of’use, you will see your eyelashes’thicken.

Take care of your arthritis

In a small saucepan, heat your oil for a few minutes over low heat. Let cool then plunge a clean cloth into it. Subsequently, tap the painful areas. Place a hot towel on the parts and a hot waterproof.

Wait for an hour.

Take care of colitis and intestinal gases

I’castor oil is also used for Treat colitis and intestinal gases. On a compress, pour a few drops D’oil. Then, for a or even two hours, put it on your lower abdomen. Put a heating blanket or a hot water bottle.

Repeat l’Operation twice a day.

In short, L’organic castor oil is a product that is full of virtues. It is used for the treatment of’acne, warts and skin problems. It is effective for the’thickness of the eyelashes.

However, to benefit from its benefits, favor a pure oil, without additive and without alcohol. Find out about the label registered on the’Label before fixing your choice !