Wild herbs in autumn and winter – collecting over 40 wild plants

Wild herbs in autumn and winter with over 40 recipes

Janine Hissel and Liesa Rechenburg show in “Wild herbs in autumn and winter” the culinary treasures that nature has in store at this time of year and what a beneficial remedy native leaves, seeds, fruits and roots can be.

Culinary herb power for the cold season

When the dark season arrives, we often tend to retreat indoors. Outside in nature, however, we can expect a lot of good things that will help us to get through the winter healthy and full of energy.

In this season many herbs unfold completely different flavors than in spring and summer.

Interesting facts about gathering and processing herbs in autumn and winter, as well as ingredients and flavor variations are given in the introductory section.

The basic recipes that follow explain how to prepare wild herb salad, chutney or quiche from these treasures.

On the basis of detailed Wild herb portraits are over 40 suitable recipes presented and illustrated by atmospheric food photography and nature photos.

They show z.B., how dandelion becomes a pasta sauce, how a handful of chickweed can be used to make green smoothies and delicious wild herb dips, or how a tasty wild herb crème brûlée can be conjured up from ground ivy.

Many of the recipes are also supplemented with numerous variations for vegetarian dishes.

Creative ideas for tasty gifts, suggestions for a festive menu with a special touch of wild herbs or a snack to-go, round off the book.

Janine Hissel, Liesa Rechenburg

Wild herbs in autumn and winter.

Enjoy fresh plant power in the cold season. Collecting and preparing over 40 wild plants.

Publisher: Verlag Eugen Ulmer (22. September 2022)
Language: German
Paperback: 128 pages
ISBN-13: 978-3818616427
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About the authors

Janine Hissel is a herb educator and offers cooking events, wild herb hikes and natural cosmetics courses. Wild herbs and their culinary properties are her great passion.

Liesa Rechenburg lives in the mountains in summer, in the Rhineland in winter. After 30 years in nutrition marketing, she has fulfilled a lifelong dream and founded a wild herb school in the Virgen Valley in Austria.