Dental protection in PKV is important and necessary – supplementary dental insurances

The right dental protection in PKV is important

The teeth and tooth protection are an important thing for many people. No wonder, because everyone can see them. But when it comes to the protection of the teeth, the statutory health insurance is very stingy. There is no area of the human body that is more frequently “re-insured” than the teeth.

The number of supplementary dental insurance policies taken out has practically doubled from 2005 to 2015 alone (from 7.79 to around 15.9 million policies). For privately insured people this is usually not an issue. Nevertheless, it is also important to be careful here.

Dental protection – visit to the dentist covered & To min dentures. 80%

Whoever goes to the dentist, can be sure in the PKV that the mere examination, treatment & prophylaxis are 100% covered. However, dental prostheses are much more important – due to high costs. While this is usually limited to amalgam in the statutory health insurance, the PKV also covers costs for plastic, metal, porcelain and other types of fillings. The minimum support here, depending on the tariff, is 80%.

If you take out higher-quality insurance, you may even be covered for up to 100% – even with expensive, high-quality substitutes. A comparison of private health insurances can help here. Due to the fact that amalgam fillings have been proven to release mercury into the body, this is an important matter, because no one wants to be poisoned by a dental prosthesis.

Bleeching, operations & Embellishments partially included

If you are covered by private health insurance, you can usually take advantage of additional services that the statutory health insurance would not pay for. These include bleaching, operations in the mouth area, as well as optical embellishments (straightening) and orthodontics.

The latter in particular could otherwise become very expensive in the case of lengthy treatments. In order to be sure that the chosen tariff covers everything, it is advisable to make a good comparison with other insurers.

If, on the other hand, you have no chance of getting private health insurance, you should definitely take out supplementary dental insurance. This has the advantage that mostly up to 100% is taken over with treatments and the monthly costs with approx. 10 to 25 euros are very moderate. Considering that a single ceramic tooth replacement can cost incl. of all treatments well 3.000 euros can cost. In addition, a professional dental cleaning is usually included, which a statutory health insurance regularly does not cover.