Water stones – the magic, the belief, types and application

The magic of water stones

Water stones, they should have a calming effect and are said to have healing powers. They unfold their magic as soon as they come into contact with the wet water. A mixture of firm faith and mysticism sets in, because their effect has not yet been scientifically proven.

Nevertheless, the idea sounds conclusive that the right stones release their minerals into the water so that we can drink it.

Hildegard von Bingen believed in water stones

Already from the polymath Hildegard von Bingen it is known that she mentioned water stones in her notes. Their belief in their health-giving effects was unshakable.

She experimented with different gemstones and put them in her drinking water. She emphasized how crucial the quality of the stones is. It even recommended to use only very special forms.

Not just any stone can be put into the drinking water. Which ones are meant for this technique, you can find out in this water stones overview.

Those who believe in the power of waterstones ask about their origin when they place their next order. From this can be deduced how high quality and pure the stones are.

Hidden in the ground or lying in a stream for decades, they are said to accumulate various minerals. However, many recognize the quality already by the shining radiance of the water stone.

Broken and chipped stones are undesirable. They testify to blemishes, which can even become dangerous when consuming the water. Why waterstones often still go into processing and only then for sale.

Water stones and their effects

The water stones do not have a scientific basis until today. Whether one should relegate them therefore directly into the esoteric corner, remains to be seen. So it all remains theory for the time being, the practice of which must simply be believed. At worst, a placebo effect results.

In their effect, the water stones are said to be very much. They are said to relieve stress, fight migraines and even lower high blood pressure. Users feel by the regular drinking of the gemstone water finally again more energy and concentration.

Rock crystals, rose quartz and amethyst are used for this purpose. Either individually or in a mixture of different water stones. Rose quartz is said to purify the organism and rock crystal calms the nerves.

Many other water stones follow these examples. Red jasper, sodalite or magnesite are among them. It seems that the rarity of the stones plays an important role in their selection. Meanwhile there is a whole industry around the water stones.

Dangerous water stones

But there is also the dark side, namely water stones, which we should not use. If you put them in your drink, you can suffer negative consequences.

It is assumed that these stones secrete harmful substances when they come into contact with water. From poisoning to allergic reactions is the talk here.

Toxic water stones include malachite, azurite, turquoise, tiger’s eye and pyrite. The list does not end here. Both the healthy and the dangerous water stones are very numerous.

In the beginning it is advisable to consult a specialist. It can show you how to recognize the right water stones.

Because the desired effect must be reconciled with the needs. It becomes really exciting with rock mixtures, which should cause a combination effect.

And please stay away from all those water stones you can buy, if they are treated with wax or oil. What looks great doesn’t belong in the drink!

Who already owns such gems, they can in his apartment or. house present. Because, again, there is a belief that they do their work in an open space.

They should emit an energy with which our body resonates. Although useless for drinking water, but therefore still useful.

The use of water stones is always at your own risk. But there is a magic in them, which more and more people can not ignore.