What is a NLP Practitioner and what techniques does he use

What is an NLP Practitioner?

NLP is the practice of Neurolinguistic Programming and an NLP Practitioner is a Neurolinguist. This includes a collection of communication methods and techniques for changing processes within the human psyche.

Although this branch of psychology is defamed by academic circles as a pseudoscience, the occupation with the inner perception of man in the course of his inner psychological processes offers interesting approaches and insights.

What is a NLP Practitioner?

A NLP Practitioner is, as the name suggests, an aspiring neurolinguist, who uses the new knowledge about inner psychological antecedents in the Himblick on the inner perception of the human being.

The practicing neurolinguist learns here various NLP techniques on. One of them is the so-called „reframing“. The best-known example of this form of NLP is the half-empty or half-full water glass. A pessimistic person would say it is half empty.

An optimist speaks rather of a half-full vessel. This is the key: the reinterpretation of concrete facts, which may have been seen negatively before, allows for a more positive perspective on the supposedly negative facts.

Also the technique of hissing „Swish“ is often used by NLP practitioners.

With the help of this method, negatively connoted images and ideas of the client are to be covered by more positive desirable constellations. For this purpose, the inner images are exchanged and the situation that is perceived as problematic is thus invalidated.

Within the teachings of NLP it is assumed that emotional states can be represented as complex inner images. A change in these images can thus bring about a change in emotional state.

A last example from the method repertoire of an NLP Practitioner is the interpretation of autonomous eye movements. Also from these processes NLP draws conclusions about the emotional constitution of the person.

Here’s how a glance to the top left reveals that someone is currently constructing a situation. Unfortunately, however, also these interpretations are doubted on the part of science.

Other educational opportunities

Beside a training to the NLP Practitioner there are further national and international different training possibilities in NLP. However, there are different levels of training, which are passed through and named the same everywhere: From the NLP Practitioner to the NLP Master, the NLP Coach the training ranges up to the NLP Trainer.