How to protect vaginal flora and why mission health

How to protect the vaginal flora and why ?

We hear a lot about intestinal flora, but much less vaginal flora ! However, just like the first, this microbiota is extremely important for our body. An imbalance in the bacterial flora that colonizes the vagina and it is the door open to vaginal infections ! Then how protect the vaginal flora ? Why is it so important ?

What is the vaginal flora ?

The vaginal flora is made up of good bacteria, the vast majority of which are lactobacilles (almost 95 %). These microorganisms will defend the vaginal cavity of external attacks and therefore ensure the defense of our organism against microbial infections (mycosis, vaginosis, etc.).

Lactobacilli create a kind of barrier by producing lactic acid And it is his level of acidity that blocks pathogenic germs.


Antibiotics impact a lot of balance between good and bad bacteria, especially if the treatment is long. Indeed, antibiotics do not distinguish between bad and good bacteria and therefore have consequences on the good health of the vagina.

Smoking also harms vaginal flora

The action of tobacco is less known on the vaginal flora, however according to the doctors, from 30 cigarettes per week, the risk of imbalance is multiplied by 3. The cigarette causes glycogen deficit, the main food of lactobacilli and therefore ultimately, the fall in the rate of these good bacteria.

Sex do not cause vaginal infections, but ..

Vaginal infections (mycosis, cystitis or vaginosis) are not transmitted by the penis, which also has its own microbiota and it is not sexually transmitted infections. Nevertheless, sexual intercourse promotes repeated cystitis by moving bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections, colibacilli, anus to the urinary system. Thus, it is advisable to urinate after a sexual act to eliminate possible bacteria.

What can be the consequences in the event of disruption ?

As we have seen, the role of vaginal flora is to protect intimate mucous membranes from the proliferation of bad bacteria and fungi.

The pH of your healthy vaginal flora is between 3.8 and 4.5 acidity and in cases of imbalance, symptoms can be :

  • Irritation,
  • Itching;
  • Cystites;
  • Mycoses;
  • Urinary tract infections;
  • Vaginal dryness;
  • Burning sensation ;
  • Unpleasant odors;
  • Painful sexual intercourse.

If you feel one of his symptoms, consult a doctor or a gynecologist before the imbalance leads to a more serious infection like the bacterial vaginosis or the vaginitis.

Your doctor will take a sample that will be analyzed in the laboratory. The results will give a Nugent score which if it is greater than 4 is the sign of an imbalance.

How to protect the vaginal flora ?

Here is a little reminder for Protect your vaginal flora daily :

  • Avoid vaginal showers and excess toilet.
  • Prefer the shower in the bath.
  • Do not wash with a toilet glove, it is a microbes nest. Your hand is enough !
  • Use soft products and dry carefully.
  • Change hygienic towels regularly during your period and avoid intimate protections outside.
  • Avoid tight or synthetic clothes.
  • Do not abuse antibiotics, unless necessary.
  • Stop or decrease your smoking consumption.

When the flora is unbalanced, especially with the taking of antibiotic, the ideal is to do A probiotic cure.

In tablets, capsules or vaginal capsules, probiotics will bring you a surplus of good bacteria and will allow you to find your vaginal balance. The use of vaginal probiotics also contributes to limiting recurrent vaginal infections and yeast infections.

To finish : you now know why and how to protect the vaginal flora. Do not forget the importance of a healthy and balanced food. Your microbiotes and your whole body will appreciate !