When sexual impotence becomes disabling

When the sexual impotence becomes disabling

L’Sexual impotence disrupts the lives of many women’between us. Indeed, the troubles of the’erection become even handicapping, as well for the men concerned as for their partners. What are the causes of the’sexual impotence ? When to consult ? What about treatments adapted to the athlete?’sexual impotence ? Find here the answers to all the questions you may have on the subject.

Sexual impotence: what causes it? 

Aging, smoking, alcohol, stress, medical treatment, diabetes, stress, taking medication, etc’There are many types of sexual impotence. Often, men find it difficult to talk about sexual impotence’Sexual impotence: what are the causes of sexual impotence?. Also called erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction’erection in medical jargon, the’Sexual impotence is the name of the problem’inability to have sex’get an erection. This often leads to unsatisfactory sexual intercourse.

In fact, either the’erection n’is not long enough for the sexual impotence to disappear’man achieves the’orgasm, i.e. the penis n’is not rigid for a coitus.

There are many health problems that can lead to sexual impotence’s origin’sexual impotence. It s’The causes of erectile dysfunction include hormonal disorders, high cholesterol, diabetes, drugs and other factors’cancer, or deformations of the penis. D’To prevent sexual abuse, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs’alcohol as well as the use of drugs’anxiolytics or medication’antidepressants also cause sexual impotence.

Causes of sexual impotence treatments

In some cases, the’Sexual impotence is also a problem that needs to be treated’psychological order. Also, Fatigue, depression, sexual impotence’anxiety or other trauma can lead to problems with sexual impotence’erection. D’On the other hand, some men also suffer from’a sexual impotence complex’Some men have a feeling of inferiority, are afraid of the cause of the problem’sexual failure or lack of self-confidence.

Sexual impotence: what solutions? ?

To fight against’sexual impotence, you can choose from many therapeutic solutions. The best thing to do is to consult a doctor in order to find a solution’orient your choice. Indeed, you have to take into account many factors, including :

  • the severity of the disorder’sexual impotence,
  • the causes of sexual dysfunction’erection, etc.

You will also find many options available in stores or on the internet. However, be careful about the products you use as some may be ineffective or even harmful.

The practice of’Sporting activity is also part of the lifestyle changes that help to overcome the’sexual impotence. Adopt a healthier diet The use of a sexologist is also an excellent alternative to improve the erection’erection.

In order to solve this problem, you can consult a sexologist. You can choose to consult online via specialized sites or to make an appointment with a sexologist near you. Specialized platforms allow you to make an appointment very easily.

Consult a sexologist and improve your sex life’lifestyle changes

On the other hand, if erectile dysfunction is linked to psychological or emotional factors, psychosocial therapies are recommended. This may involve improving communication between the partners. On the other hand, one can sometimes resort to cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition to medical treatments.

To prevent erectile dysfunction, try to avoid’If you have an erection, try to play it down. These problems are common and in most cases, they are reversible. You should also improve your lifestyle by adopting a balanced diet and limiting the consumption of fatty, sweet and salty products.

Also, avoid the’abuse’It is important to remember that alcohol often causes nerve damage, and thus persistent sexual impotence. Since tobacco also tends to clog the vessels of the penis, quitting smoking can solve the problem.