How to properly use a D belt Health Mission Electrostimulation

How to well use a belt electrostimulation ?

The belt electrostimulation is a sports accessory whose role is’Help those who’serve to build muscle and sculpt their bodies even at rest. The principle of this type of belt is quite simple: electrodes are found in contact with the skin of the belly for example and send small electrical pulses forcing the targeted muscles to contract. In fact, the entire abdominal area is requested and the efforts are increased tenfold.

Thanks to the belt electrostimulation, twenty minutes of’efforts would correspond to 4 hours of sport. A considerable time saving for all those who wish to have results quickly. However, to obtain surprising results, it is necessary to well use this accessory.

So how to use it to take advantage of all its advantages ? We tell you everything in this article.

Take good habits from the start with your belt D’electrostimulation

Many people consider that the’electrostimulation is a magic product. In other words, they n’have no effort to make a flat stomach and well -drawn abs. Do not fall into this trap.

The role of this belt is D’Optimize efforts that you do to have a carved body.

Consequently, it just serves as’Supply with a balanced diet and regular sports practice. If you really want to have good results, know that’these two essential points should not be overlooked.

Once you have established a program D’physical exercises, you can start Use your belt electrostimulation. During the first use, it is very likely that the sensations produced on your muscles are disturbing. Indeed, with an accessory such as a form belt, you will be amazed to see your muscles contract without any instruction from your brain.

But, be without fear ! You will quickly get used to the’Effect produced by the’tool. Start your sessions with the programs offered by the’device. Thus, you will familiarize yourself more easily with the operation of the’equipment and you will get used to stimulating your abs.

Once you are totally at the’Easy with the belt, you can increase the’intensity for Make your muscles work more deeply. However, make sure that the session is not painful. Go slowly and be at the’listening to your body.

I’use of’A belt D’electrostimulation must constitute a bearable and even pleasant practice as far as possible. By finding L’intensity suitable for your abs, you can I’Use in parallel D’a sports activity such as bodybuilding or walking.

Sport electrostimulation

Position the abdominal belt well’electrostimulation

To have satisfactory results, know that’You have to place the’device. The electrodes of the’accessory must be in perfect contact with the surface of the skin of your belly, especially on the motor points of the muscles. VS’Is it after that you can adjust the’programs intensity and start sessions.

In order to properly position the electrodes, Place the belt on a flat surface, so that the electrodes are well positioned on it. Then take out the adhesive electrodes from packaging and remove the protective films that cover them. Then place the electrodes in their dedicated locations so as not to alter the proper functioning of the electrodes.

The electrodes are sticky on both sides. One side sticks to the belt and the’other must be placed directly on your epidermis. See to Target your abdominals well When you place these devices on your belly.

Fortunately, the majority of abdominal belts have visual benchmarks. They aim to help you place the electrodes on the’device. If these are directly integrated into the’Equipment, you n’Have nothing to do.

On the other hand, it is essential of Choose the size of your belt. Thus, you may be sure of placing the’equipment and electrodes in the right places before settling the programs and starting the sessions.

Moreover, so that the’effect of this accessory is more effective, make sure that your skin is well prepared. Clean and shaved skin is perfect for accommodating this belt. Also use a specific gel If you find that the electrodes no longer stick well.

This n’is therefore not necessary if your belt is new and the electrodes are very recent.

belt D

How to use the belt D’electrostimulation ?

When you start a program, stimulating your abs will cause muscle contraction. In fact, it is strongly advised to carry out a session when you are in a comfortable position, because the contractions of the muscles can sometimes tense you. So you can very well use the belt while you are sitting in front of the television or when you are at the office.

However, to optimize the effects of this belt, it is also recommended to’make use of it during sports training for better stimulation of muscle fibers. By combining sport and electrostimulation, you will get results faster. Use your belt during exercises such as bikes, yoga, jogging or walking.

If you support the stimulation during movements, you can use the’device for more intense sessions such as race or bodybuilding.

In addition, it is important to respect the duration of’Use of this tool. An abdominal program has a duration which generally varies between twenty and forty minutes. Throughout this time, your muscles will be reinforced in depth.

Therefore, it is important to Do not exceed two sessions per day.

Bet on regular sessions rather than long -term sessions. In addition, you must observe a rest time’sufficient duration between uses. So, Use your equipment 3 to 4 times maximum per week.

Make use of it every day will tire your muscles and will not allow them to recover their efforts to better develop.

As with bodybuilding, it is strictly useful to precipitate your progress. Even if you use your belt electrostimulation reasonably during the week, you will quickly see the results on your body.