How to rebalance your diet

How to rebalance your diet ?

Eat a balanced diet, c’is the key to staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. Over the years and by eating a little bit of everything, fats end up making sure that they are in good condition’accumulate and with them, the pounds. One thing you should know, however, is that poor nutrition does not only make you fat, it also makes you sick. It also affects the health.

By changing certain eating habits and practicing healthy eating, you will be able to reduce your risk of heart disease’If you exercise regularly, you will regain an iron health. In addition, setting up a program of dietary rebalancing is a good way to improve the quality of life’proves to be an excellent solution to lose weight. If you don’t know how to proceed, discover our advice to rebalance your diet.

Use a menu planner to rebalance your diet

D’Remember one essential thing: a restrictive diet and a balanced diet are two very different concepts. To have a healthy body, it is best to drink a little more’opt for a healthy diet. The food rebalancing s’This is the ideal solution for avoid the’yoyo effect or frustration.

It is important to note that the menu planner makes it easier to find the right food for you’acts as a stimulant’a food habit to adopt in order to eat healthily without having to restrict the quantities of meals to be consumed.

A successful diet rebalancing requires good organization. The fact is that’it n’It is not at all easy to find recipes that you can make overnight. However, this should not be an obstacle to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition experts have created a tool that allows you to teach you to eat healthy foods and eat better. There is therefore a menu planner, such as Dietis, which proposes daily menus.

This application offers more than 3,000 recipes adapted to each profile, each pathology and each need (or objective). According to your habits, you just have to choose the recipe of the day that suits you. It also provides a shopping list to make your life easier. If you wish, you can even have them delivered to your home. If you have guests, this is a good idea nutrition management tool also offer you quantities adapted to your guests.

Above all, it ensures that your diet is monitored.

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In addition’In other words, the menu planner makes it easier to find the right food for you’application of Nutritional recommendations of the medical profession for :

  • type 2 diabetics,
  • people suffering from functional colopathy,
  • For people who want to rebalance their diet.

Respect the food pyramid

To stay healthy, you must take care of your body by eating meals in the right quantity. In’In other words, you don’t have to eat a lot of food’do not need to consume foods in the same quantities to rebalance your diet. Instead, you need choose your menus wisely so that you have a good balance of the different foods in each family. A balanced diet will thus include the following elements:

  • of the’water Drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid every day. You can drink it during the day in the form of a drink’water or a non-caloric drink. However, you should prefer spring water, which is full of minerals and vitamins’trace elements.
  • 5 fruits and vegetables a day It is essential to eat at least 400 g of food (mixed, raw, cooked…) at all your meals. Rich in fiber and vitamins, fruits and vegetables are good for your health. However, give preference to seasonal products.
  • Starchy foods They are the basis of our diet. They should be present at every meal. Cereals, cereal-based foods (pasta, rice, semolina, bread, wheat, etc.), potatoes and dried vegetables (peas, beans, lentils, etc.). However, avoid using seasonal products’abuse it.
  • Dairy products Make sure you take the right amount’It’s a good way to get the right balance of calcium and fat at every meal. To do this, alternate yogurt, milk and cheese. Always in moderation.
  • 1 to 2 times of meat, It is possible to eat eggs, tofu, white meat or fish: the’the body needs proteins. Nevertheless, vary the sources and consume them in smaller proportions than the side dishes (vegetables and starchy foods).
  • A little fat oil, margarine or butter ? It is up to you to choose according to your personal preferences. Nevertheless, limit and moderate the consumption. Prefer vegetable oils when cooking.
  • Sweet products They are to be consumed rarely. L’The body stores fast sugars easily. C’This is why you gain weight easily. To avoid this, limit the consumption of ice cream, soda and candy.

Another tip: reduce your consumption of’alcohol at most.

Adapt your intake to your needs

There are many advantages to rebalancing your diet. However, it is essential to’Listen to your body and eat well’adapt your diet to your needs. The daily intake varies from one day to the next’The amount of energy required to unblock the sciatic nerve varies from one person to another depending on certain criteria: age, height, condition (pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc.), degree of pain, etc’activity… The basic rules are not difficult. Your diet should be adapted according to :

  • your needs,
  • your appetite,
  • your lifestyle,
  • your tastes,
  • your habits.

If you do not have the’If you are not very hungry, for example, it is useless to eat too much at lunch. Respect the signals of hunger and satiety. However, never skip a meal.

And as we’As we have already mentioned, it is important to’adapt your diet to your activities. For a field day, for example, eat more than one meal a day’protein-rich foods and starchy foods. This way, you will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs’energy needed.

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Respect a rhythm of 3 to 4 balanced meals per day

Your body needs sources of energy’energy and nutrients to function well, especially during the day. It is therefore necessary to eat 3 to 4 meals a day and above all not to skip any of them.

The breakfast

Essential, it must :

  • A cereal product, representing 25 to 30% of the day’s intake,
  • be complete: composed of’a beverage, and’a cereal product’a dairy product and a drink’a fruit (preferably in season).

Lunch and dinner

All It is as important as breakfast, breakfast will be composed of :

  • a raw vegetable-based starter,
  • a main course containing protein (meat, fish or eggs, starchy foods and vegetables),
  • a dessert (yogurt, fruit or cheese)

For dinner’The ideal diet is a light meal. It can be composed of’a starter, d’a main course (healthy and digestible) and’a fruit or dairy-based dessert.