Yoga mats – material, quality and workmanship decide

High-quality yoga mats – processing and material decide

Especially in today’s hectic times, yoga is one of the most popular and effective sports to relax and train body and soul at the same time. But without the right mat, many exercises cannot be performed effectively and healthily.

Yoga mats for every situation

Accordingly, it is important to choose the right yoga mat for one’s own needs and requirements. Yoga fans can choose from a wide variety of yoga mats and materials.

But only those who know their own needs and their own areas of use can effectively decide on a suitable mat.

Yoga: Between relaxation and sport

Those who have never practiced yoga are usually unaware of how physically demanding many of the exercises can be.

Due to the different forms of yoga, particularly sweaty exercises can also be integrated into the daily yoga routine.

This is where yoga mats come in handy, which are able to stay in place even when subjected to such stresses and strains. A non-slip yoga mat, such as the Manduka Sticky Mat from greenyogashop, for example, can work wonders here.

Stationary or traveling: The right yoga mat for every need

But also the transport of the yoga mat should not be ignored. If you only practice yoga at home, you can rely more on a thick and well-padded yoga mat than someone who always has to take his mat with him when he goes to a yoga class.

Here, especially thin yoga mats can not only facilitate transport, but also make storage at home easier.

Pay attention to high-quality workmanship and materials

Even if the mat is not used every day, one should nevertheless pay attention to a correspondingly high workmanship when selecting it.

More importantly, however, is the choice of appropriate materials. After all, you don’t want the mat to emit toxins or unhealthy substances.

Especially popular are mats made of virgin wool, for example, which not only provide good support and cushioning, but are also 100% natural.

But also conventional yoga mats can be used without problems, if they are guaranteed emission-free.

The right equipment decides

Even if you do not need a lot of equipment for the yoga sport, especially when buying a yoga mat, you should focus primarily on quality and sustainability.

Those who have considered their own exercise program and know their own requirements for such a mat, can choose from a variety of different mats in the best quality here.