Why take proteins when you play sports

Take protein for a sportsman: why is it so important ?

Proteins are necessary elements to make your body work perfectly. When we do sports, protein needs increase. What is the role of proteins and why take it when you play sports ? When you have to consume proteins ? And are there vegetable alternatives to traditional proteins ?

What is the role of proteins ?

Proteins are among the seven constituents essential for operate the human organism. Our diet must be composed of carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, trace elements, minerals, water and protein. There are different kinds of protein, and each is formed by an assembly of smaller molecules, called amino acids.

During digestion, proteins decompose into amino acids and are synthesized by the body. In athletes, protein is a basic element of the diet. If you want to know why athletes consume as much protein, you have to understand their role.

Proteins have different roles in your body.

What is the role of proteins?

On the one hand, they have a structural role, that is to say that they come into account in the composition of your cells which will constitute muscle tissues, tendons, cartilages. Without protein, your muscles cannot form. In addition, protein has a functional role. It makes it possible to transport and store oxygen, to catalyze certain chemical reactions or to activate the production of certain hormones. You can cite insulin which is a protein hormone.

Finally, protein has an immune role. Antibodies that help fight viruses and bacteria are made from amino acids brought by proteins.

Why take it when you play sports ?

The majority of regular athletes consume proteins in several forms. You should know that in athletes, the caloric expenditure is higher, which requires more dense food consumption. In addition, given the structural and functional role of amino acids, protein intake must be sufficient to allow the body to regenerate.

When we do sports, we damage muscle tissues and tendons. A protein intake will therefore allow its tissues to regenerate properly and faster. In addition, proteins make it possible to make muscle mass faster.

When and how to consume it ?

Proteins can be brought to the body during each meal, that is to say three or four times a day. In terms of the amount of protein, the body needs about 2 g per kilo and per day. However, the amount of protein required varies depending on your physical activity.

This is why athletes eat many more protein foods and consume food supplements such as powdered proteins and vitamins that can be found on the site of this brand of nutrition.

There is a huge trend in favor of the’vegetable diet and more and more people opt for this type of’modern diet. Even athletes wish to feed more often on’plant foods. But until’now, c’was above all l’sufficient intake of vegetable proteins that was problematic for athletes. People who do a lot of sport should indeed consume significantly more protein.

If l’We want to achieve it with a plant -based diet, you have to eat a lot and especially in large quantities. Tofu or protein -rich vegetables such as chickpeas or lenses are for example perfect for this. Some companies have given themselves to offer a solution to sports people thanks to innovative products. Juice Plus+ aims to become the world number 1 of the direct sale of plant food products.

For example, with JUICE PLUS + PERFORME, JUICE PLUS + S’Address to athletes who wish to improve their performance by actively supporting the regeneration of their muscles thanks to the taking of vegetable proteins.

When and how to consume it?

When you start sport, you can wonder when it takes ingest.