How to do your dental care

How to carry out dental care in Hungary ?

That it rather concerns dental care (devitalization, descaling, carie treatment, etc.) that’A simple consultation through the installation of a dental prosthesis (implant, crown, bridge), going to the dentist in France has a fairly significant cost. Certainly, a part is taken care of by social security. Refunds are far from considering all types of services without counting that’There may be free overruns’A dentist to another.

Faced with this, it is attractive to go to D’other European countries for Take advantage of dental care at more preferential prices. Hungary is D’Elsewhere a privileged destination for this, it is even nicknamed the European capital of dental tourism practicing prices of 50 % to 60 % cheaper than’In France. Nevertheless, be careful not to go n’importance where and take certain precautions to pay less without making a cross on the quality.

Here are our tips.

Carry out dental care in Hungary: how to do ?

Note that dental care in Hungary can be reimbursed at the same reimbursement rates as if care was carried out in France. VS’is D’elsewhere your social security and your complementary mutual which will reimburse you for care, which is’as much more interesting as the Dental care in Hungary are already much cheaper than’in France, but that’in addition to that they are partly reimbursed who leaves only’a tiny party to pay from his loved one. It should be noted, however, that travel costs (transport, accommodation, food) are naturally at your expense.

To be sure D’be eligible and reimbursed, n’Do not hesitate before your departure in Hungary to find out about the care with Social Security and the Complementary Mutual. Also be sure to keep all the supporting documents that can serve you when you return.

For example, it is important to keep the original panoramic dental radio provided by the clinic before and after care. It is also necessary to be able to present an invoice in French, specified on it that the amount has been acquitted. I’the most important element is the S3125 form “Care received at the’foreigner »completed and signed. This also specifies that you have’obligation to provide documents justifying your stay at the’foreign.

So remember to keep your tickets or your invoices’accommodation.

Carry out dental care in Hungary: how to do it?

What precautions to take ?

Note that’Going to a European country allows More guarantees than’go to a country outside the’European Union. Regulations remain strict, including in Hungary. For example, dental products and implants must have a traceability sheet and not come’Asia, pledge D’A more serious guarantee in terms of quality.

In addition, dental crowns are most often offered in mixtures of materials similar to those of France (ceramics, metal, zirconia, etc.), excluding nickel that the’We know harmful to health.

Where L’We can have less warranty, c’is compared to the level of practitioners, but again these are received ideas. If you go to a clinic, you have the guarantee that practitioners are well graduated since they are elements verified beforehand by the’institute. The only advice we could give you is therefore to favor a clinic rather and as you would in France, to check its reputation.

From this perspective, some research must be done beforehand.

What precautions to take?

How to organize this dental trip ?

Before’Organize your dental trip to Hungary, You still have to start by making sure you will be reimbursed for dental care. We recommend that you find out your case D’Health Insurance. Also, remember to request your European card of’Health insurance which will allow you to assert your rights as a French national in the event that clinics have different practices in terms of payment than those in France.

Otherwise, L’organization of this dental journey is similar to that of’A classic trip. You will have to find a means of transport, possibly accommodation unless the clinic where you go has a full management system. First of all, you must therefore choose the clinic where you will enjoy the care and find out about’it on the way it can welcome you.

From there will follow the rest of the’organization.