TENS devices for tension and natural pain relief

TENS devices for natural pain relief

Back pain is the number one widespread disease in Germany. About 83% of adults suffer from chronic or acute back pain. But also more and more often young people are affected by the condition. For pain relief often only the intake of medication helps. However, this should only be the last solution, as drug treatment can always bring side effects with it.

TENS devices promise a natural pain relief. These treat pain through electrical impulses without side effects and provide immediate relief. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and means the transmission of electrical impulses through the skin to the nervous system.

How does TENS work?

The TENS device generates electronic impulses that are transmitted through the skin to the nervous system. The impulses interrupt the transmission of pain stimuli to the brain. The pain stimulus is thus superimposed by the electrical impulse.

The pain stimulus passes through the spinal cord on its way to the brain. At this point, the impulses kick in and shift the stimuli to other nerve cells. Tangible pain is first produced in the brain. Since the pain stimuli do not reach the spinal cord, the pain is not perceived.

The shift of pain is also carried out in a natural way by the body itself to fight pain. With the use of TENS devices, this effect is amplified.

This principle of the control barrier theory has been successfully applied since 1960.

TENS devices – The advantages

TENS devices offer many advantages in the fight against pain. In contrast to a treatment by medicines so far no side effects were determined except for slight skin irritations. In order to avoid them, it is advisable to learn about the use of a TENS unit before using it.

Another positive aspect is the fast mode of action. TENS devices act immediately and specifically. In addition to fighting chronic and acute pain, they also relieve muscle tension and provide increased oxygenation and blood flow.

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Due to the practical size of the devices, they are also easy to transport and can therefore be used anywhere. Therefore, the treatment can be relied on even on vacation. Many products are supplied in boxes and carrying bags to make them more mobile.

The often detailed operating instructions can be helpful in handling the devices. Who has a normal technical understanding, however, can often operate them intuitively. Most TENS devices are very good in the hand and can be operated comfortably.

Another advantage is the comparatively low cost. There are only costs for the one-time purchase of the devices. These range from 40 to 200 euros depending on the model.

Difference chronic and acute pain

Acute pain usually lasts only a few hours or days. They act as a warning signal of the body. Often it is sufficient to spare or cool the affected areas or. To warm. If this does not help, treatment methods are sought.

Chronic pain, on the other hand, generally lasts longer than six months or recurs frequently. Thus, back pain is one of the chronic diseases. Here the pain is no longer a warning signal. In the case of chronic pain, taking medication is usually not enough to ensure quality of life. Other treatment methods must be consulted.