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How to distinguish joint fatigue from muscle fatigue ?

Between joint fatigue and muscle fatigue, it is sometimes difficult to make the difference. Yet we do not treat muscle injury and joint injury in the same way. So to avoid diagnostic errors, here’s how distinguish joint fatigue from muscle fatigue !

What is muscle or joint fatigue ?

To clearly distinguish joint fatigue from muscle fatigue, let’s start by describing the mechanism of each of these two fatigue.

Symptoms of muscle fatigue

Muscle fatigue obviously affects muscles and Results from micro-trauma Generally due to repeated movements, sudden gestures, excessive practice of a sport or a lack of stretching after physical activity or effort.

Asked in excess, the muscle is adapted for lack of oxygen and becomes inflammatory. Muscle inflammation then manifests itself in the form of cramps or sometimes very painful contractures.

Most of the time, the inflamed area is hot to the touch and painful when you make certain movements. If muscle pain calms down at rest, it comes back as soon as the muscle is once again solicited.

Symptoms of muscle fatigue

Symptoms of joint fatigue

The first difference between joint fatigue and muscle fatigue is that pain in the joints is only felt when the body is at rest.

In case, of joint pain, generally, the pain is more intense in the morning, to raise with Sustainable morning stiffness. Excessive fever or fatigue may appear, as well as swelling or redness of the skin in the area concerned.

Joint fatigue is the consequence of a Inflammation of the membrane which is between and around the joint. This membrane, called synovial, produces a lubricant that facilitates movements and protects the bone: synovial fluid. When the membrane is inflamed, it produces excess liquid which ends up accumulating in the joint causing edema.

We then speak of arthritis and it can take more or less serious forms: tendinitis, bursitis, even rheumatoid arthritis which is disabling.

Symptoms of joint fatigue

What remedies for muscle fatigue ?

Against muscle fatigue, there is onlyOne remedy: rest ! He alone will relieve muscle pain and dispel inflammatory symptoms.

You have to give your body time so that muscle fibers can regenerate properly.

However, for a best recovery, Here are some good practices:

  • Apply cold on your sore muscle.
  • Suit your muscles or use compression stockings to promote good blood circulation.
  • Adopt a diet rich in essential nutrients: vitamins C and B, proteins, essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), magnesium and antioxidants.
  • Drink a lot of water to bring the essential minerals necessary for your muscles and your body in general.
  • Ask your doctor a medical prescription for physiotherapy sessions. This will practice particularly effective therapeutic massages for muscle contractures.

Attention : Do not confuse muscle fatigue and muscle weakness ! The latter is characterized by a loss of muscle strength and a general feeling of fatigue. In doubt, see your doctor !

What remedies for muscle fatigue?

What to do against joint pain ?

With different causes, different treatments ! If muscle fatigue is treated with rest, joint fatigue is treated with softening exercises !

To relieve pain in your joints, whether it is an arthritis, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Do exercises to soften your joints when you wake up.
  • Apply hot on the painful joint.
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics on medical advice.
  • To improve joint comfort, take dietary supplements such as Conua joints based on meadows and manganese.
  • Perform a massage on the painful area with lemony or gaulthery essential oil essential oil.
  • Apply a green clay poultice to relax your joint.

To conclude :: distinguish joint fatigue from muscle fatigue will allow you to apply the right treatment. However, it is always better to consult a doctor to have the advice of a professional. It can also be a Chronic fatigue syndrome which results in persistent and unexplained fatigue.