Therapy cuffs – used for muscle and neck pain

Therapy cuffs for neck and muscle pain

Therapy cuffs can be used when neck pain and back problems interfere with sleep and also lead to restrictions in everyday life.

In most cases, such complaints are caused by muscular tension. The torso and neck muscles are subjected to non-physiological stress, especially due to incorrect posture during long hours of work at a desk.

Since the muscles are not designed for such postures, they cramp, which then leads to the typical back pain.

Other skeletal malpositions (for example, pelvic obliquity or foot malpositions) can also lead to incorrect loading and thus muscular complaints in the trunk.

Massages and heat treatments for tensions

The small cramps and tensions in the musculature resolve themselves only slowly. Above all, if the muscles are stressed daily in the same attitude, the complaints can become chronic.

In addition to massages, heat treatment also helps to dissolve tensions and knots. On the other hand, muscles contract in cold weather and cramping increases. Especially at night, when the body cools down, a heat application is therefore useful.

Therapy cuffs warm and relax

For this purpose there are – in addition to various heat pads and plasters – so-called therapy cuffs. These are made of a fabric that absorbs and stores its own body heat, keeping it close to the body.

Just by using these cuffs you can warm the affected parts of the body and so relieve tension. In addition, the fabric has a ribbed structure, which exerts a gentle massage on the muscle tissue and thus additionally helps with muscle relaxation. In addition, the blood circulation is stimulated.

Harmful decomposition products of the body cells are better removed, which is why the therapy cuffs are also suitable for use with joint complaints. For each part of the body there is a corresponding cuff, so that the heat application can be targeted.

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