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Aesthetic Surgery specialist of face and body surgery

Esthetique Chirurgie : specialist in face and body surgery The Aesthetic Surgery clinic is considered today as a true expert in the field of aesthetic surgery. In this clinic, you will have access to the best care and you will be in the hands of real experts, who will make your dream come true. This …

Second opinion: When is an operation really necessary?

Second opinion: When is an operation really necessary?? “We have to operate on the intervertebral disc” or “You need a new hip joint”. What sounds like a clear diagnosis often leaves the patient uncertain. Is surgery really necessary? Is there no other solution? “In the case of a procedure that can be planned, I recommend …

Cistus – many healing properties and supportive for weight loss

The many good properties of rockrose Cistus? Is this a new rose, perhaps with a particularly intense fragrance?? Unfortunately no, the cistus has nothing to do with the classical rose. This is rather a well-known medicinal plant, which is at home in the regions around the Mediterranean Sea.

Reduce sugar. What are the advantages of sugar substitutes

Live healthier with less sugar Sugar can be found in muesli, spreads, and even in ready meals. The consequence of too much sugar can be beside diabetes, Adipositas, also heart and cycle illnesses. If you want to do without sugar or reduce the amount, sugar substitutes are a good choice. But are they also healthy …

Cinnamon oil against cellulite and for beautiful skin

Cinnamon oil against cellulite and for beautiful skin Most people know cinnamon or cinnamon oil as a wonderfully aromatic spice not only for the Christmas bakery. Cinnamon also tastes wonderful with applesauce or rice pudding. Incidentally, it is also a well-known remedy. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, cinnamon plays an important role and has done so …

Horsetail (field horsetail) – information and application

Tinweed – Information and application Due to its numerous natural ingredients, cinnamon bark can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments. It is most often used to flush the kidneys, i.e. for kidney and bladder diseases. Tin herb in the application

Frown line – prevention, formation, reduction and removal

Remove frown line With a frown line you often look grim and old and that, although you have merely shown a lot of emotions and still feel young. Just for this reason it is understandable to want to remove the frown line. Nevertheless, the reduction, respectively the removal of the frown line is not always …

Ticks What diseases do they transmit What protection is there

Ticks: What diseases do they transmit? Many people like to exercise outside their homes in the countryside. But here the risk of a tick bite is often very high. Such a tick bite can be harmless – but only as long as the tick does not carry pathogens in itself.

Dental care in dogs – Very important and inevitable!

Dental care for dogs – important and indispensable! Although veterinarians preach to dog owners at every appointment why regular dental care in dogs should not be neglected under any circumstances, only very few dog owners adhere to it. Tooth and denture problems occur with dogs more frequently than one thinks. According to studies, about 80 …

Yoga mats – material, quality and workmanship decide

High-quality yoga mats – processing and material decide Especially in today’s hectic times, yoga is one of the most popular and effective sports to relax and train body and soul at the same time. But without the right mat, many exercises cannot be performed effectively and healthily. Yoga mats for every situation